Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Nostalgia stirs positive emotions!

IAnD Exclusive


By Savitha Hira

Read Time: 3 mins

"cover image nostalgia indiaartndesign"

Team IAnD knocked on the doors to feel-good memories inviting select architects and designers to unearth their most desirable and memorable projects till date...

Nostalgia is a feel-good emotional state of wellbeing that encompasses one when one reminisces - a wistful desire to return in thought to a former time in one's life, a sentimental refection of times gone by.

In this Special Issue themed 'Nostalgia',  eight select designers and architects documented just one of their notable projects that has left its mark on them as professionals - a design challenge well accomplished; a breakthrough in their thought process, or simply a well-attired project that brought immense satisfaction and till date is maintained just the way it was envisaged...  The highlight is “why” they have chosen that one project.

Let us hear it from them… (click on the name of the architect to read what he has to say about his project)

"Golden Palms Bengaluru Nostalgia Architect Premnath indiaartndesign"

"DRM Office Matharoo Architects Nostalgia Indiaartndesign"

"Sainik Farms residence Nostalgis GroupDCA indiaartndesign"

"Tru Tram Trunk BKC Minnie Bhatt designs indiaartndesign"

"ROLLSNo1 cafe ALLARTSDESIGN Nostalgia indiaartndesign"

"Shreepati Arcade Architect Reza kabul indiaartndesign"

"ManavGulzar community centre ArchitectHirenPatel Nostalgia indiaartndesign"

"Mana Ranakpur Akshat Bhatt Nostalgia Indiaartndesign"

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