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By Ar. Reza Kabul
Photography: courtesy Reza Kabul Architects
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"Shreepati Arcade Architect Reza kabul indiaartndesign"
Recreational Floor, Shreepati Arcade, Mumbai (inset) Ar. Reza Kabul

Reflecting on the confidence and undaunting spirit of his team to go out-of-box, Ar. Reza Kabul reminisces on how Shreepati Arcade marked unprecedented achievement in 2003 as the tallest building in Mumbai…

Over the years we have established a proven track-record in project design from inception to execution ranging from master plans and townships, to hospitality, residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, and educational segments… always going the entire route – on board and on site with a grit for challenges and break-throughs. However, Shreepati Arcade is the most treasured project as it was the pioneering of tall towers in Mumbai. 

"Shreepati Arcade Architect Reza kabul indiaartndesign"

The idea behind the design of Shreepati Arcade was that the client wanted to build the (then) tallest building. With no such prior experience, and only the enthusiasm to take on the challenge, ARK undertook the project. In-depth research, visits with a few architects in Singapore and Hong Kong, and technical discussions… The vision to create a landmark project became possible with the determination of Shreepati Group and involved days of discussion on the various shortfalls and ways to overcome them. 

"Shreepati Arcade Architect Reza kabul indiaartndesign"

Standing at 153 m (500 ft.) tall, it hosts 45 floors with the lower half consisting of retail spaces as well as basic parking with the total area of 5,00,000 sq. ft. One of the most interesting elements was the recreational floor equipped with all the possible amenities that one could think of in those days like swimming pool with the waterfall, health club, restaurant and many more. Shreepati Arcade transformed the entire skyline of Mumbai and had set a benchmark for all the tall buildings in India.

Shreepati Arcade was recorded in the Limca Book of Records 2003 as the Tallest Building of India.

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