Thursday, December 29, 2016

IAnD’s most popular design stories of 2016!

By Team IAnD

"indiaartndesign top stories of 2016"

As we get ready to welcome new beginnings, Team IAnD collates the most-read stories of the year – coincidentally a selection that brings with it a message – old is timeless; cherished; and the new is welcomed with an open mind!

With each gratified with its appropriate status, let us recap what 2016 paved the way for...

State-of-the-art Museum Textile Gallery to highlight Kutch embroidery 

"kutch textile museum matrika design collaborative indiaartndesign"

Matrika Design Collaborative has chiselled out Bhuj’s textile gallery with subtle contextual references that bring alive the embroidery traditions and the desert landscape of the region. Read on to know how this museum has given India its due moniker on the design map...



‘Rise & Shine’ – a consumer-sensitive design! 

"conceptual sketches eastern idly dosa Studio ABD indiaartndesign"

The new Idly-Dosa Batter pack from Eastern Condiments Pvt. Ltd adopted a trendy, breezy graphic style to make its way right into the hands of its trusted fan following and Team IAnD’s closed group survey and expert opinions endorsed the branding efforts! Find out here...


For the love of coffee!

"brown colour palette MW Cafe indiaartndesign"

The much loved brew is beautifully transformed into palpable ambience at the hands of The First Ferry, whose newly designed MW Café in Ras Al Khaimah is a theme-inspired, modern-day coffee heaven... You can almost feel the aroma here!

"thematic elements Fables Minnie Bhatt indiaartndesign"

Nestled in a residential area of Juhu, Mumbai, is a cafe with a tagline ‘Cooking up stories’ that touches a chord deep within, to bring alive the aura of fables and the joy of reading... Experience it here...

"Shah Rukh Khan ponytail hairstyle indiaartndesign"

Who said being fashionable is a fad followed by women only? Men’s hairstyling has reached a whole new level in recent times. And it’s not just about looking good… it’s all about grooming skills! Know more here...

"VR technology Sitara Shah indiaartndesign"

Acknowledging technology is an inherent part of design. Interaction designer Sitara Shah in association with a team at IDC School of Design develops a Virtual Reality app that allows you to explore the heritage Ajanta caves at leisure

"Gulf Biz Park Drop Off Night DFI indiaartndesign"

Design Forum International has mapped the sand dune typology to the Gulf Adiba Business Complex in Gurgaon. The building shines like a jewel in the otherwise nondescript industrial township... Check out the full story here...

The beauty of responsible architecture!

"internal courtyard VITTI Dusai resort indiaartndesign"

Bangladesh’s Dusai Resort & Spa follows time-tested traditional techniques to respond to the call of responsible architecture…Read the full story here.

Hands-on learning!

"anisha mehta inspiration istituto marangoni indiaartndesign"

Developing design prototypes with industry bigwigs that collaborate with School of Design, Istituto Marangoni, Milan, is a portfolio-booster for students studying here. Hands on experience, expert faculty and out-of-box teaching methods command admiration! Check them out for yourself...

"sliding door Komal Vasa indiaartndesign"

Komal Vasa of GESAMT Design renders a typical compact Mumbai apartment into an “emotion-arousing experience through coherent spatial design crafted with perceptible human energy.” After all, design is palpable at various levels, as this story reveals here... 

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