Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Open-to-sky Spaces Special Issue

IAnD Exclusive

By Vinita Wagh
Photography: Courtesy the designers
"open to sky spaces special issue indiaartndesign"

Who doesn’t enjoy the simple pleasure that comes with a private outdoor space? At IAnD, ace correspondent Ar. Vinita Wagh curates a hands-on guide on treating your open-to-sky spaces by visiting the balconies, decks, swimming pool areas and gardens and terraces designed by five select designers, who have conceived versatile outdoor spaces to enhance everyday living…

Whether it’s for a cup of morning coffee, a lazy book-reading afternoon or an informal evening get-together, the outdoor space often grows to be heart of the home.  

As charming as the overlooking view can be, it’s the interior aesthetic of the space that invites one to stay longer. The visual appeal and functionality of the setting often guides the experience within. 

Our Open-to-sky Spaces Special invites you to visit different sensibilities that go into the design of these spaces. Studio Osmosis comforts us with spaces that resonate with the calmness of home and the spirit of the city, while Shabnam Gupta treats us to a coveted, harmonious space infused with elements and rich in visual charm. Eye catching elements and bold contrasts by Mahesh Punjabi Associates adds a dash of style to create a luxurious aesthetic. While ZZ Architects raise the bar for statement outdoors with a balance of elements and a connection to the environment, Diff.Studio implements the modern-luxe look, mixed with subdued hues.

From the furnishings that add patterns and landscaping that lends colour, to the materials that insert texture and the muted lighting that adds warmth, these spaces continually change the way we experience leisure. 

Check them out here...

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