Friday, July 24, 2020

This home showcases the art of balancing warmth with style!

By Savitha Hira
Photography: Ishita Sitwala; courtesy the designers 
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"Ahmedabad home StudioSaransh indiaartndesign"

Studio Saransh strikes a balance of contemporary and traditional design elements in this Ahmedabad home, making it timelessly relatable and relevant to its occupants. 

Materials applied with integrated synergy, a touch of lightness in the choice of furniture and lighting that augments space, and a penchant for simplicity that is the lifeline of timeless appeal are factors that carve this home into a cocoon of unpretentious warmth.

Designed to house a family comprising three generations, the public and private spaces are eloquent with bespoke design elements that soothe and satisfy. A neutral palette with trimmings in brass placates varied tastes in the public spaces, nurturing understated elegance and communicating the largely without-frills lifestyle of the occupants. 

"living room Ahmedabad home StudioSaransh indiaartndesign"
"open plan Ahmedabad home StudioSaransh indiaartndesign"
"dining area Ahmedabad home StudioSaransh indiaartndesign"
"brass and wood partition Ahmedabad home StudioSaransh indiaartndesign"

The open plan of the living dining is demarcated using a traditional ornate jhoola that differentiates formal from informal living. Taking its cue, a contemporary screen of fluted wood and minimalist brass forms defines the dining area, anchoring the directionality of spaces as well as governing the visual language of the common areas. A variety of textures enliven the living and dining spaces, adding depth and shadows to the elements. With walls finished with a combination of textured and smooth paint separating at the lintel level, fluted glass doors to the private areas, pendent lights, paintings, and indoor plants complete the ambience striking a balance between casual and intimate on one hand, and formal on the other.

"bedroom Ahmedabad home StudioSaransh indiaartndesign"
"wainscotting panels Ahmedabad home StudioSaransh indiaartndesign"
"muted colour palette Ahmedabad home StudioSaransh indiaartndesign"
"outerspace theme children bedroom Ahmedabad home StudioSaransh indiaartndesign"
"blue bedroom Ahmedabad home StudioSaransh indiaartndesign"

Interesting elements personalise the private spaces – the bedrooms – as each is customised to one’s comfort zone. Wainscotting panels constitute a formidable backdrop in the parents’ room, hinting more at the warmth of old-world charm with pastel walls, rather than being intimidating.  The master suite is kept neutral and quaint with fluted wood finding its complement in the panelling here, and a beige and brown palette feeding nonchalant friendliness, whilst the daughters’ room is theme-designed in keeping with the children’s interests. 

Juxtaposing solid and reflective surfaces amid a largely neutral interior envelope and playing with soft and hard lines in equal measure, this interior stands out for its candid design vocabulary.

Fact File
Project Name: NR Apartment
Clients: Naman Reshamwala
Architecture Firm: Studio Saransh
Principal Architects/ Designers: Manish & Lead Architects: Kaveesha Shah
Design Team: Aashna Khetan
Gross Built Area: 1900 sq. ft.
Location: Ahmedabad

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