Monday, July 27, 2020

Bespoke luxe appeal via nude in interiors!

Compiled by Pari Syal
Photography: Amit Pasricha; courtesy the architect
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"Gurugram home AVGArchitectureEnInteriors indiaartndesign"

Ar. Archana van Gils applies a highly nuanced nude palette to infuse luxury into a simple holiday home in Gurugram…

Responding to the need for a simple but luxurious home, the design language in this interior plays with a cacophony of attributed textures blended with statement pieces and lucid tones. Every aspect of this exquisitely crafted dwelling - from the entrance, through the individual picture-perfect aesthetic settings, and down to the baroque detailing of the wall patterns… creates a relatable equilibrium between the level of subtlety and magnanimity that transforms simple to subtly charming.

"entrance passage Gurugram home AVGArchitectureEnInteriors indiaartndesign"

An intricately panelled door and a quirky entrance lobby decorated with an array of circular framed mirrors, offer a rather intriguing start to the interior that is conceptualised to elucidate luxury. Keeping the use of colour and texture at a minimum, an overall muted interior envelope of cream-beige, off-white, mushroom, ivory, silver and steel plays host to the walls, soft furnishings and discerningly selected light fittings and artefacts. The nude colour palette is complimented with natural textures in the form of marble, wood, wicker, cotton, and silk following the same family of hues. 

"living cum dining Gurugram home AVGArchitectureEnInteriors indiaartndesign"
"living room Gurugram home AVGArchitectureEnInteriors indiaartndesign"

Sleekness and flamboyance become ingrained aspects as softly padded buttoned upholstery, strategic ornate touches – in a mirror here, a console there, sofa edges… spell rich allure. Choice chandeliers and floor lamps, gold-accented light fittings coupled with personal memories in form of family photographs, and élite artefacts, augment the luxe appeal with a flourish of drama.

"mushroom hued bedroom Gurugram home AVGArchitectureEnInteriors indiaartndesign"
"monochrome bedroom Gurugram home AVGArchitectureEnInteriors indiaartndesign"
"wicker themed bedroom Gurugram home AVGArchitectureEnInteriors indiaartndesign"

Each of the three bedrooms defines a different aesthetic - mushroom-hued plushness; monochrome magic and a bespoke wicker thematic - and constitutes nuanced layers in the neutral envelope. The only burst of colour comes in the form of a pragmatic deck aesthetic that works both ways - as an individualistic space and a breath of fresh air, when viewed in conjunction with the rest of the ambience.

"balcony deck Gurugram home AVGArchitectureEnInteriors indiaartndesign"

Noted for delivering interiors with individualistic ideologies, Ar. Archana van Gils capitalises on a playful presentation of accents and elementary chromas to give the homeowners exactly what they sought after. The result: a design language that is swish and unmistakably contemporary; yet uncluttered and simple in terms of functionality.  

Fact File:
Client:  Shelly Mandhar
Design Firm:  AVG Architecture En Interiors.
Principal Designer/Architect:  Ar. Archana van Gils
Built-up Area of project:  2350 sq. ft.
Location:  Gurugram

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