Tuesday, May 12, 2020

When the heart knows, but needs to acknowledge…

By Savitha Hira
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Team IAnD is grateful to all participating designers and architects of the mini web series Dhara –motivational messages by the design and architecture fraternity, for the fraternity…

When Corona was recognized as a pandemic, there was a deluge of reactions... Some downright morbid... others unconvincingly positive. Bottomline: all reactions were wrought with worry.

From this storm of general desolation arose intuitive thought, and possible solution-finding that bombarded the social media via the newfangled trend of going completely digital. Webnars and online events became the antidote. Surviving the lockdown became the goal. Until each such period kept getting extended to contain the pandemic and win this global race for well-being.
To do what? Face a fresh bout of uncertainty post lockdown? And the worrisome nature prevailed. But somewhere down the line, began a fresh approach, a new normal.

In this scenario, team IAnD had extensive conversations with many an architect, designer and artist and launched a motivational series - a mini web series aired on its YouTube channel - Dhara. The flow. Uninterrupted... consistent...empowering. A word whose meaning transforms with different inflections on different letters. Yet, it's underlying essence conveys the most potent essence known to mankind - strength of purpose.

Eight professionals came together to combat the unprecedented situation with a message that drove positivity and reassurance; that reinstated what the heart always knew, but needed to acknowledge. Not just the professionals, but their wives, daughters, sons… families came together to help in making these candid videos.

Team IAnD is grateful for this cooperation and for a collective shout out to the design and architecture fraternity – with a message that says – we shall overcome… together. 

So, here we are: (please click on the names below to view their motivational messages)

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