Monday, February 17, 2020

Invitation to participate in "KyaBola??" - a design-led research initiative related to the act of 'honking'

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Irritated by the sound of relentless, unwarranted honking? Well, here’s your chance to propose a design resolution to this problem.

In an effort to curb the problem of sound pollution, a recent exercise “the more you honk, the more you wait” being carried out by the Mumbai police is commendable, to say the least. 

However, the innocent are also put through the same distress as the defaulters, who aren't suitably reprimanded either - which going a full circle - comes back to the problem, which may significantly lie dormant; but is not solved.

To decode the act and dig a little deeper, looking into behavioural insights of the driver, the act of honking, and the design and evolution of honk horns, Team IndiaArtnDesign(dot)com in association with Association of Designers of India (ADI- Mumbai) is initiating a research exercise called “Kya Bola??” inviting creative minds to propose measures to combat and resolve the problem of honking.  

“Kya Bola??” is as much a call for design resolutions to curb honking, as it is to assist the evolution of the modest horn.

“Kya Bola??” is a research initiative and not a competition. No fees are to be paid. No prizes will be given. 

To participate and submit your proposal on how you would approach this subject, fill in the form below.

Last date for submission: 5th March 2020

Submission of proposals: Information for participants:
This research initiative proposes to invite a dialogue on the act of honking and the design of the honk horn considering various dimensions, e.g., 
  • people – on-road etiquette, mindfulness, aggression, value systems, etc constituting behavioural psychology. 
  • product – the make-up of the honk horn. 
  • tools and processes – regulations and law and order, policy making
  • and the economies and environments of design, with research results contributing to a holistic understanding and support of curbing sound pollution. 
Is the honk horn the subject of: 
  • Cognitive neuroscience? 
  • Communication design? 
  • Sound design? 
  • Product design? 
  • Environmental diktats? And the like…
All proposals received until the 5th of March 2020 will be reviewed by our Panel of Experts comprising:
  • Behavioural psychologist
  • Automobile designer
  • Representative from automobile industry
  • Communication designer
  • Sound engineer
  • Representative from Police department/government agency
"kya bola invite logo Indiaartndesign"

To participate and submit your proposal on how you would approach this subject, fill in the form below.

Last date for submission: 5th March 2020

Associated discussions:

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  1. Where’s the form? Could not find it on the page..

    1. Please scroll down the page. It is embedded. It reads "Kya Bola??" Proposal Form


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