Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Crafting the learning curve!

By Ar. Amit Gupta
Photography & renders: Courtesy Studio Symbiosis
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"touch me installation studio symbiosis indiaartndesign"

With an exhibition design as well as an outdoor interactive installation that opened to the public last evening at Okhla Grounds in New Delhi, Ar. Amit Gupta gets candid about how exhibition design and installations are an opportunity to further one's skill set… Over to Amit…

Studio Symbiosis, time and again endorses the belief that design transcends scale. Always eager to push the envelope, I strongly feel that working on installations and products give us a chance to prototype our designs within a very intense span of time. Since prototyping is a critical aspect at the heart of these designs, it sharpens one’s exploratory skills – into both materials and methods, techniques and execution. Also, since the turnaround is intense and quick, it paves the way for a brisk learning curve. 

"touch me installation godrej studio symbiosis indiaartndesign"
"touch me installation india design fair 2019 studio symbiosis indiaartndesign"

At India Design Fair 2019, “Touch Me” is an installation that is a double-curve surface made from Corian and explores the techniques of thermoforming and amalgamating material, space and structure into one form. It explores the interface between the built and the user - creating an interactive landscape, where the user becomes part of the space.

Derived from minimal surfaces existing in nature, it represents a surface generated from algorithmic design. The fluidity of the installation symbolises the "freedom of living", which is essentially the essence of the brand Script. 

"script exhibition stall studio symbiosis indiaartndesign"
"script exhibition stall godrej studio symbiosis indiaartndesign"

Inside the exhibition, the design for the Script stall is based on movement and interaction. The branding of Script is positioned such that it creates an optical alignment to make the whole word visible when a person is standing in front. This immersive installation has a ceiling with 8000 fibre optics creating an experience of walking under the stars.
"script exhibition stall india design fair studio symbiosis indiaartndesign"

This new vocabulary of living, and a new way to craft experiences for one’s life finds its basis in the fact that lifestyles have become multi-faceted. We like products that serve multiple needs, appreciate finer details, reinvent stories and create memories! Exploring this idiom further, we have also launched Design Symbiosis - a subsidiary company of Studio Symbiosis that will investigate complex techniques of fabrication and manufacturing at a scale of products ranging from furniture, lights, installations, patterns and fabrics.

The author of this feature, Ar. Amit Gupta is the founding partner of Studio Symbiosis Architects, Delhi. The prolific studio works on a range of projects that vary in scale from Kanpur masterplan to sports complexes to hospitality projects to luxury villas to furniture.

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