Friday, October 26, 2018

Relatable stories!

  IAnD Exclusive

Pre-Diwali Special 2018: Ideas you can use 

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"living room Ar Abin Chaudhuri home indiaartndesign"
Photography: Ravi Kanade; courtesy Abin Design Studio

Cheer your guests with relatable stories that weave a narrative from your life or enlighten them about personal nuggets that reflect the personality of your abode or intrigue them with an unusual materiality…

"busy rugs home decor indiaartndesign"
Photography: courtesy world wide web

Busy is trendy: Get an interesting rug underfoot or an interesting throw on the sofa – something busy, colourful/monochrome, that can capture attention and initiate an anecdote, a narrative, a dialogue. 

"nook ansa interiors indiaartndesign"
Photography: Courtesy Ansa Interiors
"photo wall decor ideas indiaartndesign"
Photography: Courtesy world wide web

Photo wall: Put up old photographs of your travels within Indian shores and beyond. Frame them in different sizes and colours — and let the conversation begin! 

"i me myself trend shabnam gupta indiaartndesign"
Photography: Courtesy The Orange Lane
"dramatic aesthetic ps design indiaartndesign"
Photography: Courtesy PS Design

The Bohemian approach: Of late, you must have noticed how you don’t really need to worry about what you wear if you wear it with dollops of confidence and endorse your individualistic style.  A notable trend is the pairing of heavy prints and the unlikeliest of colours - that was once considered a fashion faux-pas. Translate the same to your spaces and peak the individualistic trend! 

"elegant vintage crockery home decor ideas indiaartndesign"
Photography: Courtesy world wide web

Ol’ world charm: Prepare a special dish from your grandmother’s recipe repository and serve it in crockery that has only occupied pride of place in your showcase this far! You and your guests will surely go down memory lane with nostalgia-filled conversations. 

"old sarees as table runners home decor ideas indiaartndesign"
Photography: Courtesy world wide web

Repurpose with love: Pick out an heirloom sari (that may be well-worn but full of sentimental value) from your mother’s collection handed to her by her mother or mother-in-law and frame the good bits or get it repurposed into a table runner or tablecloth. Memories need not be locked up anymore… they can now be stories to be shared. 

"mystery lamp studio ABD indiaartndesign"
Photography: Courtesy studioabd

Unusual materials: Keep an eye out for artefacts made from unusual materials. For instance, a tea light holder that looks every bit like a metallic one but is made from none other than our humble paper! Laser-cut to perfection, no one will ever believe it is paper unless told specifically. Isn’t that a nice way to let the celebrations begin?!

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