Monday, October 22, 2018

Geometry and colour define this interior!

By Marina Correa 
Photography: The Nascent; courtesy the firm
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"residence patil design studio indiaartndesign"

Interior design is an art that is tailored to a lifestyle. Patil Design Studio uses this art to chisel a simple yet elegant home in suburban Mumbai – personalizing it to the individual tastes of the homeowners…

Working on the premise of a contemporary, spacious-looking, easy-maintenance home, the designers play with individual needs to craft a unifying space. Taking individual preferences into consideration, different colours are used for different rooms. For instance, the living room displays a predominantly dark blue palette; the kitchen is sparkles in a refreshing combination of burgundy and white; the daughter’s room in shades of cheerful pink and purple; the son’s in bumble bee yellow and royal blue, whilst white and olive green anoints the master bedroom. 

"elegant living room residence patil design studio indiaartndesign"
"oval mirror dining room residence patil design studio indiaartndesign"

Unifying the entire schematic is simple beige 2x2 tiled flooring. Perhaps, a reason why one sees a deliberate attempt at visual continuity viz. patterns on wardrobes, cabinets and doors in the bedrooms, establishing a sustained vocabulary. 

Birch wood is chosen for its light hue and helps in opening up the spaces, making the 1,500 sq. ft. residence seem larger than it really is. Large wardrobes and plenty of storage further augment the feel and allow the home to be clutter-free. 

"ceiling design residence patil design studio indiaartndesign"

Predominantly, white LEDs craft the ambience, except for a few areas where a pendant in the living room or a jhumer (Indian motif chandelier) at the entrance creates drama. 

"bed throw bedroom residence patil design studio indiaartndesign"
"fabric blinds bedroom residence patil design studio indiaartndesign"
"blue and yellow bedroom residence patil design studio indiaartndesign"
"pink and purple bedroom residence patil design studio indiaartndesign"

Pockets of interest abide, albeit in an economical manner viz. a niche in the son’s bedroom that houses a few books, a light-hued upholstered accent chair in the living room that breaks the otherwise blue monotone, classy wallpaper as the backdrop panel for the television and gold stucco done on the ceiling of one of the corridors, etc. 

Whilst the walls and flooring are awarded minimum attention, the ceilings are played with, evoking interest via small interventions such as a tiny arch near the entrance or the addition of matching deep blue colour in the ceiling as a compliment to the upholstery or even the cove ceiling in the daughter’s bedroom.  

Fact File:
Client: Mr. Hegde 
Design Firm: Patil Design Studio
Principal Designer: Kahan Patil
Carpet Area: 1,500 sq. ft.
Location: Andheri West, Mumbai

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