Thursday, October 18, 2018

in Candid Conversation with

You’ve heard them speak about their work. Their work processes. The goals that drive them. Accolades, Awards… They seem to have it all – name, fame, the best of the world in their laps! But there is a large side to them that remains unexplored. That makes them who they are. 

They are the architects, designers, and artists. For the first time ever… they are letting you take a peek into their homes, telling you about their most cherished moments, the things they love and hate, their turbulent times, their aspirations and inspirations… about the qualities that shape them into the creatives that they are. 

No retakes. No dubbing. Just straight from the heart!

in Candid Conversation with’ is an especially curated video series of tête-à-têtes that reveals little-known details about eminent personalities of the design world with a focus on the person behind the professional

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