Saturday, August 12, 2017

The curtain call!

By Shrabana Das
Photography: Courtesy IAnD Archives
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"luxurious curtains indiaartndesign"

It’s not just colour, but its thoughtful combination with fabric and length that can transform your home into Cinderella’s magical carriage. Here is the checklist you need to keep, when you go drape shopping…

Curtains can spruce the home up with a fluid finish! The room decides the curtain. 

"living room SSA design studio indiaartndesign"

If the theme is understated elegance, perhaps you might want to steer clear of prints. Go for fabric with sheen, monochrome while keeping the length cascading to the floor.
"theme curtains narrative indiaartndesign"

In case, yours is a happy and crazy house with snappy prints and patterns galore, do not let the curtain miss out. A psychedelic or theme-based print or even a simple floral print will simply do the trick!
"master suite classic ansa interiors indiaartndesign"

"solids drapery style indiaartndesign"

Curtains can double up a lintel highlighting feature, while keeping the sun out of your eyes. Experiment with the length by tying curtains up at varying heights until you get that desired look. According to season, you can select between linen in summer and velvet in winter.

"Jonathans Kitchen Pramod Jaiswal indiaartndesign"
"indigo bedroom cms praxis indiaartndesign"

To enjoy the monsoon at its best, nothing can beat light translucent drapes in nude colours or white. As the wind billows through the sheers, that steaming hot mug of hot chocolate will definitely look inviting.

"lace curtains vintage feel indiaartndesign"

While lace is the epitome of intricacy; if not matched right, lace can look pretty tacky. Short drapes as a framing device on windows can give a quaint ambient feeling along with a hint of timelessness. Look hard, choose well!
"floral bedroom design Maison Christian Lacroix indiaartndesign"

And finally prints! Very dicey… but if paired with the right accessories, prints in curtains give a spectacular visual image. In the above picture, while the furniture is in an ambiguity of vintage and art deco, the cushions are in a perfect blend with the curtains, thereby, giving the interiors a novel experience!

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