Saturday, June 24, 2017

Smart storage solutions!

By Shrabana Das
Phography: Courtesy IAnD Archives
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"storage solutions gautam desai design indiaartndesign"

Make your storage your style statement. Here is a compilation of materials and ideas to jazz up your storage ideas perfectly!

There is no dearth of wants; and there is no cap on needs! But space almost always plays truant!! But fret not. Here are some affable and easy-to-adapt solutions:
"storage solutions layers studio indiaartndesign"

While the storage is on the inside, let the unit double for another purpose on the outside. In the picture above, a storage cabinet is being used as a TV unit as well becoming the central highlight of the room. The lithe spirit of the space is perfectly captured in the contrast between the wall and the unit. 
"smart storage beleaf superfusionlab indiaartndesign"

Through careful selection of material to the shape of the space, the design says it all!  If you really must store things in the open, one good way of avoiding embarrassment is to flaunt the wares. 
"storage solutions cluster one indiaartndesign"

For the dignified and culturally astute, one can always rely on classical patterns to design the storage units with. Instead of ungainly blocks of wood or the traditionally heavy chest of drawers, create a separate influence as expressed above in the wooden jali work of the storage unit embedded in the wall above.
"storage solutions round trendy design indiaartndesign"

Or perhaps redefine and classify spaces as done in the wall panel above. While creating a storage unit and a backdrop for the counter, the outcome is a perfect example of utility and style.
"industrial grunge Kanan Modi indiaartndesign"

Get smart! It is a good idea to camouflage storage units, mask them, let them fight crime! Perhaps, we are getting a bit carried away. Although, a piece of storage furniture doubling up as seating and a table does get exciting!
"foldable table Mezzanine Arquitetura indiaartndesign"

And for that timeless feel, one can always rely on stainless steel! Create your own style, classical, modern, formal or bohemian. Durable, easily manufactured, these babies will give your units that edge that will make you want to store away…. In style!

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