Thursday, June 1, 2017

Looking through the window!

By Shrabana Das
Photography: Courtesy IAnD Archives
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"floor to ceiling windows iryna dzhemesiuk indiaartndesign"

There is a plethora of window types to choose from. If you are planning to renovate, why not look at some windows to create some magic in your home?

Not just an orifice in the wall, a range of window types - sliding windows, multiple glazed windows, top-hung windows, casement windows - their creative frames and the play of light can be a captivating sight to behold.
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Floor-to-ceiling windows can present a larger than life view, ensuring brightly lit interiors throughout the day. A roaring fad in the West, these windows are perfect for the living room and can be put in the entire expanse of a wall for the best experience.
"tile wooden flooring Mantra Academy Kanchan Fagwani indiaartndesign"
"staircase Mantra Academy Kanchan Fagwani indiaartndesign"
"kitchen Tapering edges Manish Kumat indiaartndesign"

Who said windows are to be limited to exterior walls? In this instance, the kitchen is blended into the living room through a beveled-glass window.
"brick house Ben Rousseau indiaartndesign"
"windows Ben Rousseau indiaartndesign"

Bring back the erstwhile times with the brickwork and arched windows. For a more panoramic view and a cozy corner to lounge about and read, incorporate a bay window! Sure, it is a little extravagant, but it brings a lot more transparency into your home!
"stain glass windows kanchan fagwani indiaartndesign"

Paint your room in multi-coloured hues with natural light streaming in through stained glass panels. I promise you, the look will change with seasons and the time of the day, and you will be always struck with wonder like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory!
"Minnie Bhatt indiaartndesign"

Experiment with framing. The door and window frames break away from monotony and look like a continuous film reel set in another era. Lose yourself in the feel!
"bblunt gautam desai indiaartndesign"

The last entrée for the day is these beautiful blinds. A fantastic way to rejuvenate an existing window, the venetian blue juxtaposed against a neutral white in the wall is a perfect example of permanent décor. 

Possibilities are unlimited. Present-day architecture is characterized by sleek, meticulous, and technically sound systems, where the finished product is an integrated culmination of design and material specifics. So, go ahead, take your pick!

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