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‘Parallel Reflections - Experience Life without Technology’.

By Ar. Pappal Suneja
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Ar. Pappal Suneja and his team have been declared the only finalists from India in the ‘Rethinking Architecture Online Competition’ that reinstates invaluable human values as opposed to a gadget-driven existence…

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever” said John Keats. So, is beauty achievable only through technology in this digital era? Or is human engagement still an alternative towards the realization of beauty and aesthetics in our life?


Today, as a reaction to individualised technologies, we are craving for a sustainable environment. The theme for the ‘Rethinking Architecture Online Competition’ revolved around Life Experiences Without Technology, near the Eiffel Tower, known worldwide as a symbol of purity and romance.


Recognising the need of the hour as the enhancement of happiness, love, friendship, and family values, we developed a design with organized humane interactions and minimal attention towards technological gadgets. By aiming to blend symphony, fragrance, aesthetic appeal, fresh air, and comfort for the diverse visitors at the Eiffel, and by providing amenities that best suit generic activity patterns, the architectural response incorporated an inclusive design approach with minimal visual barriers, a cycle track/jogging pathway emphasizing on a healthy lifestyle; a book club to enable the daily visitors to comfortably sit and enjoy reading, etc.


For the same, our team proposed the concept of Parallel Reflections and Aromatic Magic, with a focus on aesthetics, scale, shadow, nature, and proportion as the design parameters.

The basic idea was that light rays reflected from the Eiffel shall hit mirrors placed at regular intervals causing multiple reflections, witnessed by the visitors at a distance. The light, directed by the mirrors, would create an effect like that of refraction of water, augmenting the feel of the monumental structure.


Besides this, the proposal included aromatic flower beds, space for flash mobs, coffee sessions, musical concerts, smoking zones, reading, playing chess, maze, celebrations, improvised picnic, laughter sets, selfie zone and live sketching etc., thus creating an inclusive and alluring landscape for human interaction and simultaneously enhancing the liveability of spaces near the Eiffel.


Beauty must die. But in its death, it achieves immortality and leaves a footprint behind since it bore all the vagaries of nature and struggled to exist and maintain its importance till it could.

Fact File:
Name of online competition: What's Up Paris
Conducted by: Rethinkingcompetitions.com
Date of conclusion: January 2017
Participating design firm: Techno Arch Studios
Participants: Pappal Suneja, Founder & Principal Architect: Techno Arch Studios
                        Saksham Kaundal, 3D-Visualizer
                        Mayank Gupta, Graphic Designer
                        Beena Kumari, Structural Engineer
Status: Finalist (only entry from India as Finalist)

Ar. Pappal Suneja is a freelance Architect, prolific Architectural Journalist and Faculty Member at National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur H.P. Driven by an incessant desire to learn and to inform, he strives forward in a search to find his Everest in Architecture

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