Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A marriage of old and new

By Dhwani Shanghvi
Photography: courtesy istudio Architecture
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"wallpaper apartment904 istudio architecture indiaartndesign"

Apartment 904 is a design exploration that congenially consolidates the existing mood with new elements to create a deviant vibe… 

Refurbished by istudio Architecture, the apartment is endowed with simple details that visually enhance the space and create a refreshing ambience in conjunction with the original interiors. Balancing elements of d├ęcor with straight-lined designs that border on the neutral and minimalist, a contemporary-classic equation juxtaposes spatial elements with details.
"entrance dining apartment904 istudio architecture indiaartndesign"

Starting at the entrance, a circular metal grille on the outer door prepares the visitor for a peep indoors with a glimpse of the two-dimensional, golden rendering of the Buddha’s face. Once inside, the furniture and fixtures in dark Sheesham wood, the carved legs of the sofa, traditional Warli art on the chairs, and brass fixtures reflect on the intent of a traditional touch in a contemporary envelope.
"dining apartment904 istudio architecture indiaartndesign"
"kitchen temple apartment904 istudio architecture indiaartndesign"

Brass and wooden laminates seems to be the recurring theme throughout the home. They appear in the temple through an array of ethnic elements, which balance its modern form, like brass bells, and decorative pieces; in the kitchen, the dining area, TV panel and dressing table in the bedroom… exemplifying a simple yet chic aesthetic.
"living room apartment904 istudio architecture indiaartndesign"

Two elements that stand out, clearly veering towards the classic touch are the commanding bougainvillea wallpaper that adds a touch of lavishness to the otherwise subdued living room and Moroccan tile work that anoints niches and coves in the bedroom softening the unsympathetic linearity of its clean corners and sharp lines; and in the bathrooms, highlighting the clear distinction between dry and wet areas, accentuating their spa-like feel with back-lit mirrors and niches.
"bedroom apartment904 istudio architecture indiaartndesign"
"bathroom spa apartment904 istudio architecture indiaartndesign"

Attention to detail completes the apartment that coalesces the old and the new to create a refreshing identity that emerges as a perfect offspring of the two.   

Fact File:
Client name- Ruchira Ghosh
Designers: Amit Patil, Shriya Parasrampuria, Prashant Dupare
Residential: Apartment 904
Project carpet area - 1300 sq.ft
Location- Hiranandani Estate, Thane
Project cost-25 lakhs

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