Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Madeira and Mime: a maritime tale!

By Annie Aggarwal
Photography: Prashant Bhat; courtesy the designer
Read Time: 2 mins 
"faux windows M&M Minnie Bhatt indiaartndesign"

Minnie Bhatt Design’s recent project, ‘Madeira and Mime’ immerses diners in a Portuguese maritime feel, in keeping with the gastro-pub’s namesake…

Christened after an archipelago in Portugal, the quaint charm of distressed paint, reclaimed wooden shutters in dull Prussian blue, faux ocular rose windows with their gleaming panes, mix of rotund and rectangular tables… evoke a sense of intrigue in this 1500 sq. ft. space in suburban Mumbai.
"M&M Minnie Bhatt indiaartndesign"
"pulley lights M&M Minnie Bhatt indiaartndesign"

‘Madeira and Mime’ beckons via its quirky facade in shimmering mustard yellow with a traffic signal to match, harking on expected playfulness inside. One steps in, onto a floor of black and white tiles, a neoclassical touch adding a marked character and a touch of whimsy to the compact space. Custom-made lamps designed in mild steel with a pulley system for height adjustment, hang low across the space, instantaneously catching the eye.
"B&W flooring M&M Minnie Bhatt indiaartndesign"

The space with a single opening – the façade side – has been cleverly anointed with four ocular faux windows that mimic the feel of the natural light filtering in via their mirrored reflective surfaces – a simple yet interesting take on augmenting spatial perception.
"overview M&M Minnie Bhatt indiaartndesign"
"bar M&M Minnie Bhatt indiaartndesign"

Seating is efficient yet varied amid this striking composition of elements - a bar along the length of the room; comfortable sofas at intervals, with one along the oversized partially-open kitchen window at the far end; and the mix of light-weight wood and metal chairs and high bar seats. There is a sense of harmony in the furniture; faux leather upholstery in perfect sync with the marble and tile tabletops adds colour; whilst textural elements vie for attention in the mild steel shelves and recycled wood panels of the bar’s apron, all playing to the ambience of a languid Portuguese pub, understated and amiable.
"element of quirk M&M Minnie Bhatt indiaartndesign"
"differently shaped tables M&M Minnie Bhatt indiaartndesign"

Once seated, eyes are drawn to the intricacies of this subtly thematic space. Under the ceiling lined with services, frames of artistic oeuvres and photographs line the walls. An old timber bookshelf and a vintage fridge readapted as a shelf for games and books add to the easy-going feel. Small planters add a tinge of green, while novel trinkets like a captain’s wheel here, or a telescope and globe there, models of ships, coloured glass bottles and menus like navigation charts, all work in harmony to make this place fresh and inviting.

Fact File
Name of client: Square Meals Hospitality 
Design Firm: Minnie Bhatt Design
Design Lead: Minnie Bhatt
Chief Associate Designer: Misbah Kapadia Jaiswal
Junior Assistant Designer: Manali Deokar
Area: 1500sqft
Interior cost: INR70,00,000 
Location: Mumbai

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