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Bedroom designs for teen boys!

By Team IAnD
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"what boys like teen bedroom ideas indiaartndesign"

Designing for a young boy can be a challenge! Team IAnD interacts with various designers to collate some peppy ideas that the little-men just cannot resist!!  

A volatile mix of music, speed, books, friends, gadgets and fast foods, forms, fads, and colours go racing by and find an ideal reflection in a perky décor suited to the blossoming personality of  a growing boy.

Here are some smart solutions to pep up your teen’s den… 

"teen bedroom ideas indiaartndesign"

Pick one wall as the highlight. Get his favourite sports star/ super hero/ musician / sports flag up there – larger than life! This can set the tone of the entire mood that you know will vibe well with him.

"low bed teen bedroom ideas indiaartndesign"

Get him a low bed or one with a large fringe so he can relax with friends.

Keep his space roomy; avoid clutter; boys need more breathing space to collect their wits.


Use mood lighting to help your teenager alter the ambience according to the mood – loud and party-kind, sober, studious; as he grows, maybe even romantic...

"favourite pin up teen bedroom ideas indiaartndesign"

Soothe his overwrought nerves – try some calming solids – bright or sober – on the coordinating soft furnishings instead of bold or disharmonious prints.

"accent furniture teen bedroom ideas indiaartndesign"
"zany light teen bedroom ideas indiaartndesign"

Add a strikingly attractive light fitting / accent furniture to the room. Make him feel special and give him a sense of ownership.

Even a small bedroom can have loads of attitude. Put in a geometric rug, a bunk bed with a couch beneath and you may want to check up why your son is just not leaving his room!

Not really into contemporary furniture? Consider a beach inspired bedroom for your teenage son. Big wallpaper and some recycled wooden furniture is exactly what he’ll need.

"block colours teen bedroom ideas indiaartndesign"

Give him a little private nook in his room, where he can express himself; maybe like quietly read a book, play a game or study undisturbed.

Is your boy a gadget freak? Incorporate a smart system in his room- where loads of stuff from his desk, game console, music system to the mundane curtains are automated!

"wall art teen bedroom ideas indiaartndesign"

Refrain from preaching – get him an artistic/ funky wise saying and motivate/teach him by design!

"play area teen bedroom ideas indiaartndesign"

Is your son passionate about sports? Try custom-designing skateboards shelves or cricket ball lights; even an indoor basketball hoop will spark the décor instantly.

And lastly, boys will be boys! You just cannot expect him to tidy up often. Give him a large basket to dump his dirty clothes and stuff. He’ll love you for it! 

"bunk beds teen bedroom ideas indiaartndesign"

An ideal solution would be to evolve an interaction of various elements through repainting, or through soft furnishings since it allows you the flexibility of reworking, when needed, without too much expense and time. For, with a gradually maturing confused young mind on your hands, the transition stages from early teens to the threshold of adulthood can be effectively neutralised by just changing the ambience from bright colours to softer hues.

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