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Green Living

By FinchD
Photography: Vibhor Yadav; courtesy Renesa Architects
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"facade renesa architects indiaartndesign"

Renesa Architecture Studio spruces up a dilapidated structure to address the exigency of accommodating nature in living spaces.

As the name suggests, Casa Green Lattice strives to be recognised by the textured mesh of green planters that constitute the fa├žade of the new design intervention. Eclipsed in the concrete jungle of New Delhi, the original structure was devoid of an architectural identity, which the refurbished version vouchsafed.
"elevation detail sketch renesa architects indiaartndesign"
Elevation details sketch
"sectional elevation sketch renesa architects indiaartndesign"
Sectional elevation sketch
"stacking diagram renesa architects indiaartndesign"
Stacking Diagram

By retaining the structural components of the building, the design reduces the carbon footprint, while the green cover adds a visual reminder of the relationship between the city and the environment. Through a combination of pragmatic extrusions and scooped out volumes, the house is revamped to redeem the lack of light and ventilation as a result of the heavy mass of the concrete slabs. Furthermore, the realignment of the internal walls and spaces has resulted in a coherent circulation in the interiors. Subsequently, the slender skin formed, balances the solid mass of the concrete slabs. 
"casa green lattice renesa architects indiaartndesign"
"interior passage renesa architects indiaartndesign"
"planter detail sketch renesa architects indiaartndesign"
Planter sectional details

Coupled with the side balcony, the latticework of eclectic, seasonal plants forms a double buffer, and alternately helps is creating cool, shaded spaces in summers; and warm, hospitable spaces in winters.
"old to new renesa architects indiaartndesign"
The transformation

The revival of the building is not restricted simply to the bourgeois remodelling of the facade or of the interiors, for that matter; but extends to revitalise the well-established code of designing villas. As seen in Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye, or Palladian Villas of the 16th Century, the public and private spaces of the house have been spatially segregated along the section, with the basement accommodating the former; while the levels above cater to the latter.
"paisley wallpaper renesa architects indiaartndesign"
"dining room renesa architects indiaartndesign"
"classic accessories renesa architects indiaartndesign"

While the layout of the house, the arrangement of the fenestrations, and the green elements contribute towards creating a sustainable environment, the background of the client is taken into account while ornamenting the interiors. The upholstery, lighting fixtures, furniture, wall finishes and the curios on display thus manifest the native orientation of the client.
"planters renesa architects indiaartndesign"
"terrace renesa architects indiaartndesign"

Casa Green Lattice stimulates the senses of the user to appreciate the involvement of a natural landscape on a daily basis.
"ideology green lattice renesa architects indiaartndesign"
Design Ideology

Fact File:
Firm: Renesa Architecture Design Interiors
Design Team:  Sanjay Arora, Sanchit Arora, Vandana Arora,Virender Singh & Manav Dang
Site Contractor: Star Construction - Umesh Mehta.
Lighting: White Lighting Solutions - Siddharth Arora
Interior Light Decor: Udit Saxena
Area: 3340 sq ft 
Place: New Delhi

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