Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A class apart!

By Rutvi Ashar
Photography: Courtesy Sumessh Menon Associates
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miniature Chinese warriors
Brilliantly portrayed miniature Chinese warriors make this a delightful backdrop!

In order to fit in, you need to stand out! A 3500 sq. ft. contemporary Asian gastro pub, Koko has hit the mark in terms of ambience, decor and taste!

The Sumessh Menon designed Koko at Lower Parel, Mumbai is the newest endeavour of renowned duo, Ryan and Keenan Tham and follows a simple brief: upscale, unique and sophisticated.
different finishes in bricks
The journey of intrigue begins here! 

Known to bring a distinctive uniqueness to each of his projects, Sumessh Menon’s concept for this South-East Asian restaurant is completely a play of patterns and geometry. It is truly amazing how the designer juxtaposes patterns on the floor, walls, upholstery, even the ceiling and yet, creates an element of intrigue that is balanced and harmonious, with the Asian thematic referenced abstractly via a colour or a treatment.
play of textures and patterns in floor, walls and ceiling
Play of textures and patterns
round table seating
Ambience to suit everyone!

Perforated red bricks arrange themselves in various brick bonds creating a sculptural facade highlighted beautifully with soft yellow lighting and modernised with the help of a minimalist railing. Elements in the entrance invite you in and at the same time force you to pause and imbibe the artistic soffit of the canopy and the proportion of the entrance door handle that breaks the verticality of wooden slats. 
high backed sofa
Artistry in seating solutions
siporex backdrop
The backdrop of angular Siporex blocks offsets the sculptural passion-flower lights to perfection!

Stunning contrasts are created combining sombre and stark colours. Lacquered blood red coloured tables are paired with dark high seating, while coffee-coloured tabletops meet patterned upholstery; all of this is backed by a Siporex block wall that acts as a work of art. Custom-made grey, white and yellow mosaic flooring changes into chevron-patterned wood as you move further in, while a heavy wooden ceiling sourced from an old warehouse continues throughout.
play of different flooring
Abstract, fluidly formed resin-filled crevices give the bar a distinctive texture;
the three-dimensional look of its apron stems from cement-cast blocks in different patterns.
long island bar
The pièce de résistancethe 100-foot-long island bar
painted walls
Every nook culls a narrative

Every corner is completely unique and totally customized but the 100-foot-long island wooden bar counter dominates the space. Intriguing design elements continue in the washrooms, where thin running strips of fabric line the ceiling and the Menon-trademark backlit mirrors stand out. 

fabric strips in washroom ceiling
His & Hers

Comprising of assorted seating areas that perfect a casual bar-style wine and dine; cosy nooks for two; open seating for larger groups and an outdoor seating/smoking area are sure to appeal to a diverse audience ready for a transformative dining experience!

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