Thursday, November 17, 2016

Balancing act

By Marina Correa
Photography: Anand Diwadkar; courtesy the firm
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plush living-dining area

Cluster One Creative Solutions’ most recent home interiors displays a candid, balanced and pragmatic approach strengthened by its surface-bound articulations...

An all-white shell with neutral tones of umber and grey speckled with a few pops of primary colours forms the base of this approx. 1500 sq.ft Pune residence. Seemingly simple at first glance, the home is fostered by a spacious feel augmented by large windows that bathe the interiors in natural light. Ably complemented by asymmetry in furniture and a partially open-plan layout, it is the details that make the difference.
laser cut partition

Juxtaposition of different tones of browns and greys dot the area rug near the sofa, ceiling, blinds in the bedroom and the like, standing out against the ubiquitous white vitrified flooring, offsetting the pristine background and infusing the home with a warm and welcoming vibe.
plush living room

Playing on a tried and tested colour palette, a harmonious balance is maintained throughout the schematic. Be it in the colour quotient such as a sponge-finish/faux finish on the wall along the entrance or as seen in the delicate juxtaposition of lattice screen, niche and solid-volume storage unit just outside the main door.

The architects strategically use motif wallpaper for the living room backdrop wall, where they ingeniously add inverted pelmets and cove lighting to infuse interest – instead of a regular painting on the wall!
textured wall backdrop
home entrance

In fact, they diligently break the otherwise solid palette via back-lit laser-cut screens that camouflage storage or act as partition or as a balancing element, where one side of the TV has niches, while the other has a cut-out panel.
plush interiors

Add to this the final touch of niche, cove and spot lighting that creates different moods, whilst laser-cut decorative panels add a traditional touch to the otherwise contemporary interior. 

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  1. Very good interiors. Architect has implemented very creative ideas on design and layout of furniture.


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