Friday, October 28, 2016

Allow your spaces to breathe!

By Chirag Sharma
Photography: Courtesy IAnD Archives
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wall art

Accessorizing is an art and your décor demands nothing less than a studied approach. IAnD equips you with some pertinent pointers to help you accessorize with élan…

Very often, we are overwhelmed with the vast selection of accessories that could go into our home to augment its beauty. But the catch lies in the surplus! What you may consider fashionably upbeat may actually be doing more damage.

Overdoing the décor takes away from the ambience by crowding vision and creating a sense of confusion and irritation. So, while you visit and imbibe all the ‘in’ things in the market today, let your sense of aesthetics be guided by these handy spot pointers to allow space to breathe and guard against over decorating:

oval mirror
stand-alone bathtub

Design the mood: Open up a closed space by de-cluttering the area. Create a spotlight. A full-length oval mirror; a bright fuchsia upholstered chair… grab the eyeballs and let them roll in awe! Make a big difference to the mood of the décor.

accessories on staircase
acrylic chairs and wooden table

Tap visual appeal: If you are using art around the living and bedrooms – create an appealing juxtaposition of colour, pattern and texture.

old door juxtaposed with modern door
open plan living room

Harmonise a blend: While merging different styles or periods, create a harmonious effect that soothes the eye, yet commands its place of pride. Play with lighting to effect this. 

bed n bath
glamour in the bathroom

Think out-of-the-box: Look for ways to add to your home besides the usual mantelpieces and coffee table decorating ideas. Infuse narratives in the home. Try something unusual, unique and know where to stop. The ensemble will stop the guest in his tracks too!

grey-brown-black - the sophisticated style file
terrace landscaping

Style Up: Look for style in everything you buy – dustpans, dog bowls, scrub brushes… But careful, don’t mix too many colours and patterns – they will jar! Familiarize yourself with various decorating styles and see what you can achieve within the limitations of your home.

master bedroom

Restraint is key: Learn the difference between hot and trendy. Trendy items may be hot but their appeal will be short lived - like throws on the divan or the sofa. Slate floors, however, may be all the rage, but you can still live with them, when they're no longer hot.

In short – do not bring in everything you set your sights on – first determine whether it will ‘fit’ into your décor. Next, place it right. A well-placed piece could enhance the décor in itself without the need for add-ons. ‘Less is more’ is the mantra here.  

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  1. Phil Pond Inspirational Future Trend Intelligence Workplace/Hospitality/Residential Design & ImprovementNovember 24, 2016 at 12:13 PM

    This is a nice article with some very good advice. Interior trends at a macro level are the ones on which interior schemes should be based. These trends have longevity and if the trend advisor is worth anything, then she/he will know what styles, colors, shapes, materials have longevity and provide a sense of sanctuary & well-being. That's what most home designers should aim to provide.


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