Monday, August 22, 2016

Bathroom Ideas 2016

By Leah Linhares
Read Time: 30 secs 

plush bathroom; noa architecture
Photography: Courtesy NOA Architecture

Bathrooms make the most curious room in a house. From sensor motion taps to automatic showers to different lighting to channel music to splendid bathtubs, you can actually play with the design and still find new ways to make your bathroom look stunning!

Browse  through our bathroom catalog and tell us which one appeals to you the most.
plush bathroom ideas; courtesy KNOF Design
Photography: Assen Emilov; courtesy KNOF Design
plush bathroom ideas; courtesy Escobar Design
Photography: Robert Lowell; courtesy V2com
plush bathroom ideas; KNS Architects
Photography: Sebastian Zachariah; courtesy KNS Architects
plush bathroom ideas; courtesy Horace Pan
Photography: Ng Siu Fung; courtesy Horace Pan
plush bathroom ideas ; courtesy studio practice
Photography: Adrien Williams & Gorgin S. Fazli; courtesy v2com
plush bathroom; spaces architects
Photography: Courtesy Spaces Architects@ka
plush bathroom ideas; Courtesy Ben Rousseau
Photography: Courtesy Ben Rousseau


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  2. I love Your Home. Your home is so Pretty.


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