Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Modern home with a green soul!

By Marina Correa
Photography: Sebastian Zachariah; courtesy the firm
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plush living room

KNS Architects designs a 3,000 sq.ft, single-family residence as a monochrome canvas resonating with elements from nature…

Diligently juxtaposing a dark tonality against a stark white shell, keenly peppered with ‘natural flourishes’, principals Neemesh Shah, Kanhai Gandhi and Shresht Kashyap create a plush, modern home with a green soul in a posh Mumbai suburb.
yellow textured wallpaper
glass wall

Panels of wallpaper featuring nature-inspired motifs; yellow textured wallpaper; a green wall infusing ‘live’ energy; organic amoeba-shaped furniture; elite lifestyle accessories… are juxtaposed against luminous backgrounds, allowing for dark and cool; ivory and ebony to co-exist harmoniously in a simple yet stunning contrast as each room exudes a distinctive aura. With a partially open-plan layout, public spaces open onto balconies and terraces forging a seamless indoor-outdoor connect, whilst well-demarcated bedrooms, den and kitchen ensure privacy.
onyx bar
green wall

Seeped in dense and light hues and natural and industrial materials, a balancing act can be seen right from the lift lobby. Spacious, open and creative, the interiors allude to highlights like a back-lit onyx bar; an acoustically treated leather-clad wall; or the living green wall with laser-cut Corian jaali and backlit ceiling that forms a tableau coupled with netted chair backs. In fact, most of the décor exhibits well-executed settings that seamlessly blend into their surroundings, providing for the elusive glamour quotient.    

luxe bathrooms

balcony glamour

Divided only by sliding glass panes, the balconies and terraces complete with lounge seating, bar, water body etc., make entertaining a pleasure - heightened with a casual, chilled-out vibe. 

The home spells understated luxury in a seemingly perfect juxtaposition of line and form, colour and texture, creating a timeless appeal, making a chic statement. Drip irrigation for watering the vertical garden and use of LEDs ensure a holistic green living that syncs in with the client’s vision of being one with nature, yet firmly rooted amidst urban chaos. 

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