Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A mosaic of materials, textures and patterns

By Marina Correa
Photography: Anand Diwadkar; courtesy the firm
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luxurious living room

Interior designer, Sumessh Menon’s signature flair for intricate detailing anoints a three-member family home in Mumbai’s posh Pali Hill with an oomph factor that is as subtle as it is singular…

The 2,400 sq. ft. expanse that is home to a banker, his educationist wife, their teenaged son and two dogs is an eclectic mix of modern style, quirk and ethnic flourishes. For the client, who wanted the home to abound with a range of materials, the interior designer customizes it with aplomb!

decor details in luxe residential interiors
handcrafted elements of decor
handcrafted doors

Each element is carefully curated: Beginning from the cut veneer mosaic entrance door reminiscent of a peacock to the semicircular brass handle (akin to the rising sun), whose crescent-shaped pattern continues onto the marble flooring as well; as a facetted veneer ceiling floats in the form of triangular cut-outs allowing light to stream through…
mix of materials and styles
touch of retro in the living room

This kind of intricacy sets the tone of the entire apartment as a neutral palette of crèmes, whites, browns and grays abide by varying patterns, harmoniously juxtaposing material play throughout.   
sliding folding glass doors

Abridging the living area, folding glass doors carve out an outdoorsy balcony, as grandness is evoked via mushroom-shaped brass handled bar with chamfered shutters; a backlit onyx washroom sink, assortment of seating in both smooth and rough finishes juxtaposed against textured walls, while some of the furniture like the slender-legged teepoy throws in a retro touch; designer lamps and an especially crafted veneer resin-poured dining table top complete the visually stimulating ambience.
stark bedrooms

Just when you feel that your eyes are about to assimilate more details, the bedrooms stand out in stark contrast, in a simple, organic palette of ‘greens’ and light browns rooting them in earthiness.
fashionable bathrooms
kitchen with pet corner
elements of quirk in furniture

A dash of chutzpah is evoked through mildly hypnotic elements that spark quirk and lighten the mood viz., wordy wardrobe shutters; newsprint soft furnishings; cushioned tile dado; giant-sized porcelain cupcake as a kitchen accessory and the like, highlighting a visual and tactile play of elements dramatizing the chic interiors. Diligence in details is seen in softly rounded contours, ensuring a pet-friendly space.

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  1. Very interesting detailing and ideas, and a neat theme throughout


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