Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Living amidst nature!

By Marina Correa
Photography: Ar. Sanjay M. Patil
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lap pool

Playing on feelings of surprise, awe and intrigue, Ar. Sanjay Patil designs twin farmhouses for two business partners on the beatific outskirts of Nashik…

Set at the southern end of the 12,300 sq. m. rectilinear site and raised on a plinth to capture the panorama, whilst inadvertently fulfilling the client’s vaastu requirements, the twin homes with their picturesque Mangalore-tiled roofs and infinity pool stand ensconced amidst lush green meadows against scenic mountain ranges; the tableau complete with forest animals and humming birds.
farmhouse with water body

What more could one ask for in a holiday home?  So, cashing in on nature’s bounty, Ar. Sanjay Patil of Environ Planners has zeroed in on a simple program: parallel units for each partner that look homogeneous are linked by common leisure spaces, where the built, the landscape and the pool form an engaging triumvirate. Celebrating the outdoorsy spirit, the deck becomes a coveted space as shady trees during the day and a star-studded night sky cast magical auras.
compound wall
verdant landscape

To make for an engaging entry, the architect works on a build-up of emotions as he deliberately designs a rear entrance to the interiors, gradually transitioning the visitor into the serene environs through a tree-lined avenue; enhancing curiosity levels as he falls into the leisurely pace. Passing a lengthy decorative granite wall that affords a perforated view of the farmhouses the program inimitably succeeds at heightening the intrigue factor.
view from balcony
perforated granite wall

Plastered brick walls, local black basalt stone, wooden deck with steel grey granite etc., anoint the exteriors and blend seamlessly into the scenic backdrop, lazily acknowledging the same vibe continuing into the interiors viz. white walls, leather-finish granite flooring, teak wooden staircase and simple wooden furniture – providing a neutral frame to the outside vistas.
farmhouse interiors

In terms of sustainability, extensive raftered Mangalore-tiled roofs overhangs act as weather shields; local materials reduce the carbon footprint; fenestrations and courts allow natural light and ventilation within the structure, while renewable energy utilized for electrical output through use of solar panels, rainwater harvesting etc., makes this a home that communes with nature, relaxes the mind, body and soul whilst also caring for the environment. A hat-trick for sure!

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  1. I have no words to say about your house.What a house. I really surprised. Your construction is good and you have very creative mind. Keep it up. Truly now I really want have this type house like you .Thanks for sharing ...


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