Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Amortizing branding costs!

By Savitha Hira
Photography: Courtesy Zero 9
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exhibition pavillion

Anu and Prashant Chauhan of Zero 9 have bagged the A+Design Award 2016 for their Dimexon Expo Stand – a modular, knock-down concept that not only drives brand recall but can be reprogrammed each time for changing needs and rejuvenated visual appeal...

Three parameters drive the design – technology, simplicity and engineering; not necessarily in that order! Turning the concept of privacy and security on its head - especially for a high end jewellery line - they’ve opened up the exhibition pavilion by using a transparent spider-glazed glass facade to maximise its visual impact and augment its grandeur; a fact that not only bodes well for attracting eyeballs but goes a step further in its aura of intrigue to invite footfalls aplenty.
glass facade exhibition pavillion

Following an overall framework of 6 metre x 12 metre, minimal lines chisel the ground plus one program with a mezzanine in tow complemented by a double-height entrance area, sleek staircase and two pantry areas, complete with a dumbwaiter system and pulley that can deliver from lower to upper pantry; besides, ‘by-invitation-only’ jewellery viewing room and meeting rooms on the first level.
staircase in exhibition pavillion

“The idea was born out of the brand ideology of the client, Dimexon Diamonds Ltd.,” informs Prashant relating how the concept was born in about three hours flat over two cups of brewed coffee. Detailing the concept took about a month and the design is fitted out such that it can be dismantled and stashed away, to be reused with appropriate cosmetic changes in terms of laminate finishes and images in tandem with the brand’s current prerogatives.
private viewing at exhibition pavillion

With Dimexon taking its business online, the expo stand also ingrained the use of techno-logic, where iPads were used for communicating and taking orders; and to educate customers about the app available.
branding exercise

Bearing in mind the apparent need for a business to showcase itself at multiple annual trade shows, this concept of a nut-and-bolt, knock-down structure proves a versatile solution to parry down costs, increase the shelf-life of a design and still remain in-the-now with marginal investment on cosmetic and theme-pertinent additions/alterations; simultaneously building on a signature-style brand language. There is just one catch: the advance decision of showcasing in a set prefixed area, each time!

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  1. I have seen plenty of dismantled type of exhibitions in my career in advertising. But this eats the cake. Today the sheer availability of modern materials make this area very interesting. Hats off to Anu & Prashant Chauhan.


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