Saturday, May 14, 2016

Party all night!

By Udita Chaturvedi
Photography: Sameer Chavda; courtesy the designer

Buddha statue at the entrance

Untouched for over 20-years, a battered down space is turned into a luxurious party house for a couple in Mumbai’s posh Juhu suburb…

Interior designer Kanchan Fagwani transforms two adjoining decrepit 2BHK flats by merging an entire flat and the living area of the other into a luxurious guest-centric party zone for homeowners, who live in the same building and desired additional room for their social gatherings.
luxurious living-dining room

Glamorizing the two existing bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom in tandem with the party zone, the focus of the refurbishing exercise is centred on creating a mood-oriented, plush, fun space that involves minimal maintenance.
expansive home theatre

Equipped with a sizeable bar and a state-of-the-art home theatre, the 2,200 sq feet apartment is turned into a sound proof space with double glazed windows and glass wool as the insulating material.
luxurious party area

With an expansive open space to play with, Kanchan has risen to the challenge of tackling the six columns that were breaking the unhindered spatial flow by embellishing each of them in mirror or stone and effectively translating two neighbouring columns into a seemingly floating seating area. 
floating seating

In tandem with the purpose of the space, Kanchan creates pockets of seating, absolutely conducive to servicing large gatherings, facilitating both intimate as well as inclusive conversations.
bar with LED lights

As always, she focuses on embellishing the walls and floor, flanked by a bare ceiling that comes alive at places with teakwood rafters and Moroccan lights. Indirect lighting combines with pendent lights, up-lighters and cove lighting, even LEDs to infuse a relaxed loungy feel.

plush dining area

An occasional burst of red as in a deep red wallpaper; and a lot of golden hues - dull gold custom hue-with-a-texture backdrop, bevelled antique mirrors, Spanish motifs; stones and Italian marble; even in the washrooms; bedrooms carved in wood and fitted with mirrors  - all exude the luxe appeal. Throughout, warm colours are used for the curtains and blinds, while shades of gold and black help relax the mood.
especially designed brass handles

Key attention is paid to add-ons like an elegant 8 ft. teak wood double door, which has a massive golden handle. From the handle on the main door to that on the wardrobe, every piece is especially designed in brass to keep up with the overall thematic and style.

custom-designed dining table

Complementing these is the custom-designed furniture that includes soft furnishings in plush materials like chenille and composite leather. Interestingly, the dining table base is made of 4 different textures used throughout the living area - being used on the 4 distinct obtuse legs of the table.

Overall the guest house cum party zone comes alive with the desired luxuriousness, party-like ambience and a welcoming environment.

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