Thursday, April 14, 2016

For the eclectically sensitive!

Compiled by Pari Syal
Photography: Courtesy Tortus
satchel by Tortus

With a zest for embracing across-the-board influences and standing apart with a promise of design and quality, Raghav Sethi of Tortus Lifestyle brand is a go-getter!

Tortus is a line of home-grown leather products, established in 2014 by Raghav Sethi - visual communication design graduate with specialization in Exhibition & Spatial Design from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. 

handcrafted leather books by Tortus
Hand-crafted leather books
satchel by Tortus

With a flair for romancing leather, Raghav shows a deep respect for history, bracing his products on the threshold of significance between what has gone by and what is yet to come. 

wallets by Tortus
Leather Wallets & Travel Pouches 
bow tie by Tortus
Leather Bow-Tie for Her & Him

Living in a time, where we carry our world on our shoulders, the Tortus line of home-grown leather bags and travel products are carefully crafted and reflect “a heady concoction of attributes such as urban chicness, undying durability and unadulterated functionality”.
Tortus at Milan 2016
Tortus display at BASE, via Tortona, Fuorisalone, Milan 2016

Flaunting the language of uniqueness, and drenched in handcrafted expertise, the range of unpretentious yet distinct accessories and exclusive collectables aim at adding a dash of eclectic sensibility to the enlightened minds of today's ever evolving youth. 
personalised wallets by Tortus
Personalised options

Raghav Sethi
Raghav Sethi

His sensitivity in design rises several notches as he goes the extra mile to diligently personalize travel wallets and bags etc., catering on a one-to-one level. His leather bow tie is the cherry-on-the-cake as it shines atop the personal accessories collection, which includes key rings, wallets and pouches for both – men and women.  

Raghav is currently exhibiting at BASE building in one of the foremost design venues - Via Tortona during the Milan Design Week 2016. He is only selected participant and the recipient of the FOC ticket by Etihad Airlines, partners of India Art n Design (dot)com for the international venture of the ezine that aims to showcase talented Indian designers on some of the world's most significant design platforms.   

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