Saturday, February 13, 2016

Diva-licious dining!

By Rutvi Ashar
Photography: Courtesy Project 810

A minimalistic mall eatery by celebrity chef, Ritu Dalmia, will tickle your taste buds as much as it will awaken the designer in you...

An unexpected insert into a mall food court, Café Diva is a welcome change from typical eateries. Essentially Diva, but unique and different from others under the brand name, its smartly designed interiors with minimal colour are chiselled by designer Vritima Wadhwa and architect Kanika Jain, working alongside Ritu Dalmia.


While the large arched facade splashed with the orange “Café Diva” signage gives insight into the playful concept of this space, the inside greets you with old-world charm in its umber-esque aura, where chic, minimalistic interiors are brought alive by brightly coloured artefacts that are intelligently placed throughout the space.


Without even glancing at the menu, you can tell that this is a comfortable restaurant that will cater to your needs. The exposed services hang from the ceiling in the most honest way, indicative of the simplicity and purity in the Diva brand.


In a typical mall, where you would expect loud expressions by a brand trying to compete with others; Café Diva does exactly the opposite. The areas are rustic and casual; a stark contradiction of the location the café sits in.  The facade reminds you of European bistros and the minute you walk in, you are transported to one. Simple, out of the book interior hacks such as using mirrors to open up the space or using red panels to create a warm, advancing atmosphere come together and create a harmonious space that actually comprises of a large kitchen and 40 covers. 


A warm and inviting café, urbanely fresh and straightforward; the spaces exist as a backdrop for Ritu to shine in. You visit here and you will return, some for the food and some for the clean, open design.

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