Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Imbuing the modern with the natural

By Neehar Mishra
Photography: Courtesy the architects

exterior facade

Bringing together natural and modern elements, this residence reflects both, the personality and personal preferences of its residents and the creativity and ingenuity of the designers…

The country’s fast burgeoning elite and upper middle class calls for residences that are modern, luxurious and high on functionality, complementing the urbane, cosmopolitan and well-travelled lifestyles of their dwellers.

landscaping in bungalow

This is the exact brief that the design team of Collage Architecture received from a Bengaluru-based couple to design their home. The result is a residence that is the product of a beautiful synergy between the built and the naturally existing, modern design and traditional warmth, material and natural elements.

green wall
interactive multi-use outddor area
dining area

Diminishing boundaries between the indoor and the outdoor has become a tactical way of making efficient use of natural elements and the residence achieves this through projecting volumes and large windows that encourage ventilation and natural light, sight lines that open to frames of the outdoor greenery and sit-outs that accompany the dining room, the bedrooms and the study.

split levels
split level living dining

Minimal walls, split-levels, double-height spaces and an earthy white-and-brown colour palette that comes across through white marble flooring and wooden interiors ensures that despite several rooms - four bedrooms, living and dining, family area, kitchen, study, gym and recreational spaces - the 7,200 sq.ft. home looks spacious and aesthetically refined.

projects and cut-outs

Light plays a key role: maximised in the interiors through open spaces during daytime; while after sunset, the balanced use of mellow floor and garden lights makes the fa├žade come alive, making the various external spaces great spots to spend a relaxing evening. 

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