Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Wearable Architecture – Concrete Cufflinks!

By Nitin Barcha & Disney Davis
Photography: Courtesy Studio Material Immaterial

elements collection from Studio material immaterial
ELEMENTS Collection

“We love the idea of being on the border of definitions. We only exercise choice of ideas, and ideas choose materials.” Studio Material Immaterial on their newest architectural offering...

As architects wanting to break new ground and striving for the oft elusive something that perhaps, may just be the answer to our perpetually seeking minds, we developed the series SPACES – a miniature community of nine concrete blocks that constitute a neighbourhood.

Designed as desk curios, the purpose of this exercise was to evoke people’s imagination; offering them a creative input that could spearhead them into the unseen and the imaginary.
concrete cufflinks

The success of this series has spearheaded ELEMENTS, our latest collection of micro-spaces in the form of cufflinks -  going an extra step in facilitating users to carry the spaces experience with them to their most personal and formal gatherings. To begin with, they make excellent conversation starters!
cufflinks made of concrete and sterling silver

The thought emerged as a tiny seed as we pondered over the fact that many of the best and most influential buildings of the last century were constructed in concrete.  
sleek box pacakaging

Inspiration fuelled the adrenaline and the drawing board suddenly seemed immensely irresistible. Innumerable trials and mock-ups resulted in a stimulating learning experience. We explored the bare beauty of materials; tinkered with typologies of space and form; comprehended proportion and scale; diligently studied light... stretched our boundaries far beyond our realm of imagination.
building typologies translated into wearables

SPACES has evolved. ELEMENTS is a collection of nine cufflinks - on the border of being a piece of art and jewellery; its visible form is concrete (representing Brutalist architecture) and the link is Sterling silver (representing jewellery).
box packing

Simplicity isn’t simple. It’s hard work. It’s forever asking: “Why is it this way?” and “How can it be better?” It means rethinking every site, every experience, every detail, until all the clutter has fallen away... until all that remains is what's essential, useful and beautiful.

Our products are available at the physical stores, Kulture shop & Artisans in Mumbai and online at the Tadpole store.

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