Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Forms flirt with space at King’s House, Bengaluru!

By Marina Correa
Photography: Rays & Greys : Shamanth J Patil
luxurious living room with pool table

Seven self-contained apartments are housed in two facing blocks that seem to emerge from gardens and blend into the peripheral greens amidst a serene environment, belying the fact that it is a part of the pulsating city of Bengaluru…

The name ‘King’s House’ is suggestive of the grandeur that anoints each of the 10,000 sq.ft. holiday homes (within a building) designed and built by The Purple Ink Studio for members of the Kini family, who are of Indian-origin but reside in the Middle East.
design concept

Each of the apartments has an elaborate layout comprising four bedrooms, living-dining areas opening into a mandir-cum-meditation space, two kitchens, wine cellar, store and staff quarters besides access to common facilities like pool, theatre, games room and skywalks. A sprawling 20,000 sq. ft. duplex penthouse crowns the topmost floor and additionally boasts 7 bedrooms, 2,000 sq. ft. formal area and pool table!

all wood bar

Opulence coupled with diligence in detail defines every corner of the contemporary home - be it Italian marble-finished flooring with hand-crafted Rajasthani inlay work or wooden finishes as patterns on panels/partitions or paints and textures applied to walls – heightening the overall aesthetic.
taxidermy birds as sculptural decor

Drama, spaciousness and fluidity characterize the entire volume. For instance, two taxidermy peacocks and an eagle sculpture impart a larger-than-life vibe; deliberate angular alignment of furniture; abstract patterns juxtaposed against solids etc. make a strong statement that is judiciously balanced out with open areas and minimalist use of colour and pattern elsewhere: almost like forms flirting with space!
plush dining area
dining and kitchen

Interestingly, fluidity of form is emphasized viz. animated wooden vertical fins that buffer the entrance lobby and dining area; progression of dining table into kitchen counter and fluted patterns on library wall flowing down to form a desk.
home theatre
home office

In terms of architecture and landscape, each block is articulated using the existing vegetation as a stencil, without compromising on the existing green cover. The overall construction uses green materials such as AAC blocks, solar PV cells, double glazed windows, solar heaters, VRV system; LED lights etc.
luxurious modern bedrooms

Additionally, rainwater percolation pits, surface runoffs and sewage water treatment plants aid in harvesting and recycling massive quantities of water; displaying principals Akshay and Aditi Heranjal’s acumen in conscientiously weaving ecological elements with luxury interiors; in turn desirably earning the firm 2 international awards -- Rethinking the Future Award and Future Sustainability Award 2014.  

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