Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Get Party-ready

By Chirag Sharma
Photography: Courtesy World Wide Web

party time

Holidays are just around the corner and so is the spirit of partying and generally having a great time.  We bring you 6 hot tips to a trendy party makeover … have a blast…

Transforming your home into an innovative party scenario to host the most-talked-about party can be fun and easy on the pocket too. Here’s how you can liven up the ambience, d├ęcor and mood of the same old living room into a roaring party scenario. So let off the steam and boogie with your guests. Give them an occasion that will forever remain etched in their memories.

grand decorated entrance

1)Do up your entrance – If your crowd’s the traditional kind, use a beautiful toran (decorative  door fringe) and rangoli (traditional Indian floor art) combination to welcome the guests. If not,  then welcome them with an unusual bang. Place two black or red pots on either side of your front door and fill them with your favourite flowers. Add a dash of perfume to them. Clear the clutter! The entrance to your home should be magnificent and welcoming. Conveniently, behind one of the pots, place a small speaker. Time yourself right and play your guests favourite hits (or the music of your choice!) as they start making an appearance.

romantic candlelight

2)Lighting is perhaps the first mood-maker in a party setting. An easy and interesting way of colouring the mood would be to cover all the bulbs (even under the lampshades) and tube lights with multi-coloured cellophane paper – some yellow, some red, blue, green and the tube lights with strips of alternating colours. Switch them all on. This will set your ambience with a vengeance! 
Switch off all the lights you possess and make use of a whole bunch of candles instead. Candles create a romantic mood. Combine a selection of small, tall, floating, scented and hundreds of little night-light candles in glass holders. But see then that it is only candlelight – none other!!

chilled drinks

3)Hire or buy a few shallow, oval plastic tubs and cover them completely with aluminium foil or silver wrapping paper. Place large slabs of ice and the bottled drinks (Wine/ Beer/ Cold drinks) in these and conveniently place three to four of them around the party area. Suspend an opener along with a small tinkling bell strung on a pretty ribbon above the tub. Your guests are going to love the caring gesture, as they need not have to move around too much or wait to get their drinks! Saves you the hassle of ensuring chilled drinks and repeated fill-ups!!

artistic collage

4)Take a little help from your tailor and machine stitch several sheets of glossy newsprint (from newspapers and magazines – choose randomly) according to the length and breadth of your curtains. Sew on the newspaper-drapes on to the curtains along the edges. Your living room will surely be transformed into the best exhibition space one can imagine and will be the talk of town until the next big idea strikes red!!Psst.. This keeps the curtains from soiling too!!

home theatre

5)Show your style - Some of the best entertainment ideas are the end of your own arm. Every occasion is different and if you want yours to be unique, you have to be bold and make a leap! Hire a movie projector and show the latest flick on the wall. Make sure that you keep this as a during-meal activity. Not before and neither after. But, hey make sure again that the movie is a short one. Good enjoyment and kaput. Finish!

stylish black tableware

6)And now the ultimate style tip – Use the colour black! That's right - use black! In particular, try black table linen. Try it with some flowers in shocking colours for your table decorations and you'll see what I mean. A surprise element always takes the cake!!

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