Thursday, October 29, 2015

Silken Interiors

Pre-Diwali Special 

IAnD Exclusive

Compiled by Leah Linhares
Photography: Courtesy World Wide Web

silk cushions

Introduce an element of awe - create an ambience of silken delicacy and beckon your guests to sensational understated warmth...

When you decide to have silk in all its splendour adorning the décor of your home – the upholstery, the drapes, the cushions, the throws and the lampshades, you also tend to secretly nurture an innate fear that comes with it – the gradual wear-n-tear of your fragile silk decor.

silk soft furnishings

Silk is without a question the most beautiful, yet fragile of all upholstery fabrics.  So here are a few tips-n-tricks to keep your ‘touch-me-nots’ safe…

silk soft furnishings

Always buy 10% extra fabric to ensure durability.

silk wall covering

The sleek material in itself has the power to confer a majestic impression to any home it decorates, in any colour, so it is always a good idea to first pre-test fabric for discolouration and shrinkage.

silk window treatment

Silk has always added a sparkly sort of touch to the interiors so don’t be afraid to play with it; you can get as creative as possible, mix and match the colours and pattern or stick to one theme and see the magic unfold right before your eyes!

silk soft furnishings

To make things more interesting, throw in some silk accessories – throws, cushions/throw pillows, table runners, etc. These come in various designs, patterns and of course, colours.

silk tiebacks
silk soft furnishings

Although soft and lustrous, strong light tends to discolour and disintegrate the fibre, so be very careful.

silk bedcovers

Use a protective coating on your silk fabrics. 
Dry clean only!

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