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Mending an impatient, loud Indian!

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By Prof. Anil Gupta|
Photography: Courtesy National Innovation Foundation
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"dadar flower market courtesy HT kya bola indiaartndesign"
Testing how loud it’s at the Dadar flower market in Mumbai on August 4, 2016 (Arijit Sen HT file photo)

With a vast repertoire of knowledge and experience to his credit, Prof. Anil Gupta cites two examples of noiseless honk horns that have been awarded and applauded, but still await implementation… 

Eminent Indian scholar in the area of grassroots innovations, Prof Anil Gupta believes that Indians honk a lot on the road disturbing not just their own peace, but also that of others. Honking seems to give a false notion to drivers that they have got a license to have their way if they have honked. Many a time, even when the driver ahead practically cannot give way, the follower continues to honk. 
"Manibhushan prasad kyabola noiseless honk horn indiaartndesign"
(inset) Manibhushan Prasad

A few years ago, a young lad by name Manibhushan Prasad from class 12 in Jharkhand was the recipient of the Ignite award from the Honey Bee Network and the National Innovation Foundation (NIF) for suggesting that drivers should have a sensor on their dashboard by which their signal will be seen on the dashboard of the car ahead without any sound. In fact, the cost of this noiseless honk horn was at par with the regular car horn. 

"satyen engineer kyabola y honk horn indiaartndesign"
(inset) Satyen Engineer
"satyen engineer kyabola y honk app horn indiaartndesign"
Y-honk App

Then there is Satyen Engineer, who received the Honey Bee Network CRIIA award last year from GIAN and the Honey Bee Network for his device to be installed on vehicles to monitor honking behaviour. He was connected to the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) faculty, who have joined him in pursuing this active research. 100 Yhonk devices have been installed on 100 AMTS buses. He now awaits the patent for this devise.

There are several other possibilities by which noise on Indian roads, distracting and disturbing people can be reduced if not eliminated. We need many more innovations to make India a quieter and safer place for the commuters. We need to do many more active research experiments to address this problem and HoneyBee Network, SRISTI and GIAN will be very happy to collaborate with and appreciate such creative pursuits.  

"prof. anil gupta kyabola noiseless honk horn indiaartndesign"
.Prof. Anil Gupta

Prof. Anil Kumar Gupta is an Indian scholar in the area of grassroots innovations. He retired as a full-time professor at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad in 2017, where he served for about 36 years and popularised Shodh Yatra, where every summer and winter for more than twelve years, he spent more than a week walking approximately 6000 km across India in order to learn from grassroots teachers. His primary focus is on ensuring recognition, respect and reward for grassroots inventors, and protection of their Intellectual Property rights. He was awarded the Padma Shri in the year 2004, for his contributions to management education.

CSIR Bhatnagar Fellow 2018-21
Founder, HoneyBee Network, SRISTI, GIAN & NIF 
Visiting Faculty, IIMA & IITB, Academy Professor, ACSIR

Prof. Gupta can be reached at
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(GYTI) Awards:  gyti.techpedia.in  

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