Friday, January 31, 2020

Revival of the Kanjivaram Sari - Indian in soul. Modern in form.

By @ShilpiMadan
Photography: Courtesy House of Angadi
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"advaya collection kanjivaram sari house of angadi indiaartndesign"
Advaya Collection of Kanjivarams from the House of Angadi

Elegant, ethereal, exquisite. The Indian sari universe is experiencing its golden age with spectacular textile blends. Blazing forth is the southern favourite – Kanjivaram in all-new avatars…

The traditional Kanjivaram in all its glory is being reinterpreted into the contemporary spotlight. And the man behind this is K. Radharaman – a hands-on textile revivalist and principal designer at the House of Angadi (the same one that film star Deepika Padukone patronised during her wedding). He has been steadily shaping heritage designs into forward-thinking creations that are charmingly appealing to the millennials. The classic emerges in a contemporary complexion of signature weaves, where he innovates the traditional Kanjivarams into silk, linen and khadi blends with a rich sprinkling of ikat-inspired designs debuting in the motifs bounty. 

"advaya collection orange geometric kanjivaram sari house of angadi indiaartndesign"
Orange geometric Kanjivaram sari
"advaya collection gold linen kanjivaram sari house of angadi indiaartndesign"
Gold linen Kanjivaram sari

A mix of evergreen deep colours, as well as pastels mark his Kanjivaram collection, where each piece merits heirloom status with its enamouring fusion of weaves, stunning motifs and textured spread. Like the classic 1000 buta (polka dot) Kanjiivaram with a broad double pettu (border) makes classic rather cool in a burst of gold, blue and pink that cascades brilliantly.  The rare technique of Korvai brings in saris replete with intricate brocade designs, as dual tones dart through the six yards, replete with mystical creatures and treasured forest foliage.

"advaya collection with blazer and cape kanjivaram sari house of angadi indiaartndesign"
Contemporary add-ons

What makes the ditty exceptional is that each creation can be teamed with a natty blazer or a dramatic cape, a belt as well, to lend a distinct contemporaneity to the attire. 

"brinda somaya lipika sud house of angadi indiaartndesign"
Ar. Brinda Somaya                                                                                              Interior Designer Lipika Sud

In keeping with ‘Collaborations’ - IndiaArtnDesign(dot)com’s theme for the year 2020, and to bridge a connect between sister arts, Team IAnD invited two sari enthusiasts – India’s leading architect Brinda Somaya and leading interior designer, stylist and trend analyst Lipika Sud - to appraise Radharaman’s endeavour. “The fusion definitely looks interesting,” opines Lipika, adding that this is a great way to revive the traditional Kanjivaram. Commenting on the contemporary twist to the drape, she says, “The belted option is an eclectic mix of traditional and modern – one that would attract a lot of young women to wear saris formally; especially since it can be worn in a stylish way both, for workplace as well as to a party.”

"advaya collection peach jamdhani and gold kanjivaram sari house of angadi indiaartndesign"
Resplendence of traditional weaves
"advaya collection contemporary designs kanjivaram sari house of angadi indiaartndesign"
Contemporary designs

Ar. Brinda Somaya with her deep respect for Indian traditional applauds the designer for understanding the rich traditions that have gone before us and for working hard to protect them. “He is also an innovative and talented designer willing to include new ideas and designs into his work,” she concludes.

Indian in soul. Modern in form. The traditional humble Kanjivaram is elevated to a luxury laced art form… to be treasured down the ages. 

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