Thursday, June 27, 2019

When dessert studios are a visual treat!

By Ar. Shreya Kulkarni
Photography: Felix Emmanuel; courtesy the designers
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"rock cream architecture interspace indiaartndesign"

With eyes wide open and a smile on the face; excitement, delight and amaze are just a few of the emotions that trigger at the very first glimpse of this vibrant and prismatic dessert studio designed by Ar. Goutaman and Ar. Madhini…

Planned on the first floor in a bustling neighbourhood of Trichy, Tamil Nadu, 'Rock Cream' is a 'chill pad' that adopts its contemporary design concept from an ice cream swirl. On the client's demand for an innovative and cost-effective outcome, the architect retained a minimal interior by treating just the ceiling with a swirl, shaped using coloured fabric, thus making it the heart of the project. This element ropes the functional spaces together as the cloth seamlessly works its way through the beams from the periphery, converging at a visual locus, noticeable from the street.

"outside view rock cream architecture interspace indiaartndesign"
"the swirl of fabric rock cream architecture interspace indiaartndesign"
"happy vibe rock cream architecture interspace indiaartndesign"
"angular painting on walls rock cream architecture interspace indiaartndesign"

The sole purpose of having a 40’ glass facade along the street was to develop a relationship with the exterior. Its transparency grabs the attention of the passers-by. Further, uniform natural light floods the interiors during the day, enhancing the ambience; and, as the night sets in, it strikes a sense of dynamism, jazzing up a boring grey streetscape. 

"enhanced linearity rock cream architecture interspace indiaartndesign"

Space planning is defined with light fuss-free practical furniture for flexible utilisation, occasionally extending into a multifunctional area segregated by a partition wall, facilitating the alternative use of a mini party hall.

The pastel palette matching the colours of the ceiling complements the muted white canvas and adds a sense of finesse and charm to the complete assembly, giving it a peppy and extroverted vibe. Interestingly, the walls are partially painted with the same hues in a way that adds visual depth to the area.  In the evenings, a balanced distribution of uninterrupted artificial lighting adorns the colourful fabric, reflecting the pulsating aura.

"layout rock cream architecture interspace indiaartndesign"

The interdisciplinary approach by the architects to deliver holistic and realistic solutions has led to a successful experimental creation of this social hub.

Fact File:
Project: Rock Cream
Project Type: Dessert Studio
Design Firm: Architecture Interspace
Design Team: Ar. Goutaman Prathaban & Ar. Madhini Prathaban
Duration: 3 Weeks
Area: 1000 sq. ft (92.90 sq. m)
Location: Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu.

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