Thursday, July 5, 2018

Modern Zen design concept

By Beverly Pereira
Photography: Nakul Jain; courtesy the designer
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"NGK office N cube indiaartndesign"

A sense of clarity and spaciousness, transparency yet privacy, and freedom yet stability prevails in the NGK Technologies India office designed by NCUBE Design….

NCUBE Design gleans from the Japanese Zen principles of spatial clarity, lightness, and the resulting sense of peace for the interior design project of its long-time collaborator, the multinational chemical manufacturer NGK Technologies India. 

"glass partitions NGK office N cube indiaartndesign"
"open to daylight NGK office N cube indiaartndesign"

Tying together the vision expressed by Osada Shinichiro, NGK’s managing director, as well as the company philosophy, history and Japanese roots, principal designer Debora Emert gives the 3568 sq. ft. office a linear treatment balanced by a strong visual axis, while maintaining a clean, open approach that amplifies a sense of space. 

"peripheral cubicles NGK office N cube indiaartndesign"
"work stations NGK office N cube indiaartndesign"

Breaking away from the traditional cubicle layout, the NGK office exhorts a contemporary work culture, marked by people-centric spaces that fortify engagement and interaction. Segregation of space and movement is augmented by utilising existing columns to promote a sense of privacy between stations; yet, each station is positioned such that it feels central to the layout, which in turn imparts stability to the employee. 

"zen like atmosphere NGK office N cube indiaartndesign"
"meeting hubs NGK office N cube indiaartndesign"

The heavy use of glass — all-white cabins are fitted with glass doors — promotes visual continuity, transparency and ease of communication across the management hierarchy, besides ushering in ample natural light besides widening one’s vision to the expanding skyline. High ceilings further the limitless impression of space.

Exposed brick walls coated in white paint reinforce the peaceful, uncluttered environment and simultaneously become the optimum backdrop for potential interactions. Exposed ducts aid this warehouse aesthetic. 

Earthy shades of blanched grey with a tint of brown on the ceiling and flooring absorb and tone down the inflow of natural light in the all-white interiors, preventing a blinding effect. Furniture in similar shades works in a slight contrast, without really overshadowing the Zen atmosphere.

"conference room NGK office N cube indiaartndesign"
"open plan NGK office N cube indiaartndesign"

Bringing in some warmth and energy to the otherwise muted ambience are warm lights and light timber table tops. Moreover, a youthful vibrancy comes in the form of pops of yellow and colourful graffiti - both add elements of familiarity and lighthearted playfulness and contribute to team building efforts. 

The design solution not only manifests the characteristic spirit of growth and progress of the unfolding tech hub of Gurugram, but also of contemporary workspace trends that enhance productivity. 

Fact File:
Client: NGK Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
Design Firm: NCUBE Design & Planning
Principal Designer: Debora Emert
Carpet Area: 3568 sq. ft.
Built-up Area: 5000 sq. ft.
Location: Gurugram, Haryana

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