Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Where art meets luxury!

By Deepika Srivastava
Photography: Ankush Maria; courtesy the architects
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"HSJ jewellery flagship RMDK indiaartndesign"
HSJ Flagship, Lucknow (inset) l-r: Architects Ravish Mehra & Deepak Kalra

RMDK-designed jewellery store HSJ in Lucknow, stands testimony to the dictum ‘where art meets luxury’…

Conceptualised and designed by Delhi-based design studio, Ravish Mehra Deepak Kalra (RMDK) in collaboration with furniture concepts store, I’m The Centre for Applied Arts, the HSJ flagship in Lucknow spread over two levels and an area of 10,000+ sq. ft., epitomises an understated air of opulence, associated with the born-regal.  

"facade HSJ jewellery RMDK indiaartndesign"

Built as an introverted vault, the sandstone façade with its surface detailed in gold steel, makes a bold statement. The entrance, marked by a finely detailed 30ft-high glass door, opens into a reception area with a bespoke, elliptical, red glass elevator – awe-inspiring, as it stands wrapped by the spiral staircase.

"red glass elevator HSJ jewellery RMDK indiaartndesign"
"lobby HSJ jewellery RMDK indiaartndesign"

Moving forward with the penchant for detailing – primarily as a reflection of the diligent craftsmanship that underlines jewellery-making – a colourful floor inlay – a take-off from the traditional Meenakari craft, and its complementing relief-work on the ceiling reflects the brand’s eclectic style as it leads the visitor to the elevator. The lobby of each floor has an illuminated ceiling installation that is visible from the entrance, creating a strong visual element from the word ‘go’.

"red display gold section HSJ jewellery RMDK indiaartndesign"
"white gold display gold section HSJ jewellery RMDK indiaartndesign"

Definitive zones anoint the store. While the ground level is demarcated for gold, the upper level plays host to diamonds and silverware. Each display section is designed according to the product range with customised lighting, furniture, chandeliers, as well as bespoke colour palettes, facilitating the right viewing halo for each jewel. 

"diamond section blue display HSJ jewellery RMDK indiaartndesign"
"diamond section HSJ jewellery RMDK indiaartndesign"
"bespoke display HSJ jewellery RMDK indiaartndesign"

The Boutique Gold section uses hues of reds, with a 40’ by 40’ European-styled, hand-painted ceiling; the Daily-Wear Gold Section follows a simpler colour scheme of white and gold with a pearl-inspired reception feature wall; the diamond section uses hues of blue and has semi-precious stone counters along with the bull’s eye arch display and white origami floral displays; and the silver section in hues of purple is designed minimally to accommodate the chunkiness of silverware. 

"overview HSJ jewellery RMDK indiaartndesign"

Comfortable seating with privy discussion spaces, clean floors, gold trimming on the walls and custom-designed ceilings (hand-painted, coffered, recessed ceiling) with appropriate lighting lend a theatrical touch to an otherwise silent space. The sprightly hues of royal blue, deep crimson and regal purple are offset by tonal variations of neutrals like charcoal and deep umber, binding the various elements, whilst enhancing the displayed products.

"reception counter HSJ jewellery RMDK indiaartndesign"

Balancing the traditional and the contemporary, HSJ Lucknow is a one-of-a-kind retail experience exuding lavishness and warmth.

Fact File:
Client: HSJ
Design Firm: RMDK
Furniture: Punam Kalra, I’m the Centre for Applied Arts
Design Team: Deepak Kalra, Shifaa Kalra, Aarushi Kalra, Karishma Ahuja, Preeti Negi, Devansh Das, Pranay Sharma and Soni Rawat.

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