Friday, April 27, 2018

Upcycling antique jewellery

By Shilpi Madan
Photography: Courtesy the designer
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"Lara Morakhia upcycling antique jewellery indiaartndesign"

Lara Morakhia stylises, upcycles and re imagines antique jewellery to create wearable art. Her latest collection is inspired by Indian architectural marvels…

She is a jewellery designer of a different vintage, wielding magic with her hands and transforming all that is old and treasured into a modish rendition, a chic convertible, in a creative vocabulary unique to her. Meet Lara Morakhia, who glamorises heirlooms to make them more wearable and versatile...

"Lara Morakhia reimagined jewellery chokers indiaartndesign"
"Lara Morakhia reimagined jewellery set indiaartndesign"

It is her decidedly strong leaning towards the wealth of Indian heritage, art and design that makes each of Lara's creations speak volumes. Her latest collection of stunning jewellery draws inspiration from the magnificent temples and other architectural marvels dotting the length and breadth of India.

"Lara Morakhia reimagined jewellery antique silver jadtar gold indiaartndesign"
"Lara Morakhia reimagined kadas indiaartndesign"

Lara has wielded her prowess in designing finely detailed patterns crafted using vintage silver with gold jadtar for an everlasting appeal. Yet, there is a delicate visual balance that she achieves through a mix of the old and the new.

"Lara Morakhia reimagined jewellery kadas indiaartndesign"
"Lara Morakhia reimagined jewellery indiaartndesign"

Rich silver kadas linked in leather and adorned with pearls set the mood for ritzy chic. Edgy geometric ring sets with gold beads pirouette for attention, nestling with treasured jadau ear rings shaped using vilandi pearls and colourful gems.

"Lara Morakhia reimagined jewellery necklaces indiaartndesign"
"Lara Morakhia reimagined jewellery finger rings indiaartndesign"

There are stunning spin offs in layered neckpieces, and chokers abound in a profusion of unusual ingredients gone into their making: from African batik bones, quaint silver beads and fine leather.

A touch of exotica runs through the entire collection, with quills, (ethically sourced) warthog tusks from Africa, and the vivid Masai expressions in tribal beads that lend the pieces a definitive character and unbeatable style.

"Lara Morakhia jewellery designer indiaartndesign"
Lara Morakhia

"Lara Morakhia reimagined jewellery earrings indiaartndesign"

Each exquisite piece breathes sheer finesse, with the patina linking old aesthetics to charming new age appeal. Go, shop.

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