Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Luxury drive - now more than affordable!

By Akhil Dalvi
Photography: Courtesy Strom Motors
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"all electric car strom R3 Strom motors indiaartndesign"

With electric as the green-way forward, will the just-launched Strom R3 – designed-and-made-in-India, all-electric, all-smart car strike the mark?

Opinions about electric and hybrid-powered vehicles have significantly changed over the course of the last five years. And the biggest contributor for this thought-process is the American car brand Tesla.  While there have been electric car options from the Mahindra stables earlier, the environmentalists’ reigning crack down upon carbon-emitting super-cars has given an added impetus to downsizing of engines. Electric is the way to go and the latest creation right here from our own country.

"left profile strom R3 Strom motors indiaartndesign"
"strom R3 Strom motors indiaartndesign"

The brand new “Strom R3” designed and manufactured by the start-up company, Strom Motors from Mumbai is a unique little three-wheeled machine. Its main credo is the fact that it’s a compact, two-door electric vehicle, which uses reverse trike configuration with a single wheel at the rear and two wheels up front (appears more like a reversed autorickshaw).  The car is specifically designed for urban cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru and comes in three variants - R3 Pure, R3 Current and R3 Bolt, and two range options - 80 km and 120 km on a single charge. It is said to peg your commuting cost at just 40 paise per km!

"customisable dashboard strom R3 Strom motors indiaartndesign"
"sketches strom R3 Strom motors indiaartndesign"

Despite being tiny, the Strom R3 is packed to the brim with regular class-A features viz, captain seats, air-conditioning with a climate control system, remote key-less entry, parking assist, power windows, 3-point seatbelt, 7-inch touchscreen interface with gesture and voice control besides FM/USB system with optional 20 GB on-board music storage, cloud-based connectivity with maps + navigation support and remote diagnostics, etc. It stands apart with its future-ready features such as automated vehicle following system (AVFS), smart car monitoring with exceptional ability to track and monitor each critical component from brakes, batteries to drive motor and tyres, a customisable dashboard, and more. 

"touchscreen sketch strom R3 Strom motors indiaartndesign"
"sun roof strom R3 Strom motors indiaartndesign"

The Strom’s high-tensile, steel tube, space-frame rigid design holds a large sun roof and the interiors are presently being fine-tuned. Says Vidyadhar Pande of Abhikalp Design studio, "The spacious interiors could well be a boon for shoppers." The car uses 3-6 hours for a full charge and is equipped with an on-board charger too.  

"strom R3 Strom motors indiaartndesign"

With a package like this, we are heading towards a new era of motoring. Hopefully, this little machine can garner the attention India needs in terms of clever automotive engineering.

Fact File: 
Company: Strom Motors
Manufacturer: Strom Motors
Designers: Strom Motors, Abhikalp Design Studio, Primus Design, S Ronak Designs
Expected roll out: November 2018
Pre-bookings open from: October 2017
Estimated on-road price: undisclosed (price range around Rs.3L)

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