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Swatch this: Soft furnishings forecast 2018

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Trends Special 2018

By Beverly Pereira
Photography: Courtesy the brands
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"trends soft furnishings 2018 indiaartndesign"
(l - r) Nupur Agarwal -Partner, Pride Furnishings; Monika Doshi -Creative Director, Anna Simona; Ina Arora -Product Devlpt. Head, D'Decor Exports Pvt. Ltd

The latest trends in fabrics, with a focus on motifs, colours, textures and weaves...

If you’re yearning to give your home a new look, but don’t have the time for a complete makeover, consider playing around with fabrics and the latest furnishing trends…

"bold accents Pride Furnishings indiaartndesign"
Bold colours used wisely can give your home a new look  ©Pride Furnishings
"colour blocking anna simona indiaartndesign
A focus on colour blocking and graphic lines in 2018 ©Anna Simona 
"Ochre yellow trend for 2018 Pride Furnishings indiaartndesign"
Ochre yellow is projected to be a trend for 2018  ©Pride Furnishings 

Bold colours
Monica Doshi, Creative Director, luxury home furnishing brand Anna Simona, foresees a focus on graphic lines and colour blocking in 2018. Fuschia pinks, ochre yellows, ink blues and burnt reds will also trend big, adds Nupur Agarwal, Partner, Pride Furnishings. Use these bright colours in cushions, piping, accent chairs or sofas to give your home a makeover at a minimal expense, whenever the need arises, she advises. 

"furnishings trends 2018 Pride Furnishings indiaartndesign"
The onus is on craftsmanship  ©Pride Furnishings
"focus on craftsmanship fab india indiaartndesign"
Focus on techniques like Kalamkari, Ajrakh and Bagh  ©FabIndia  

Focus on craftsmanship
As the world moves towards a more conscious way of living, furnishings and upholstery brands are also moving with the times. Companies like FabIndia, reputed in India and internationally for fabrics handcrafted from the finest natural fabrics, have paved the way for this trend. There will be a rising demand for Kalamkari, Ajrakh, Bagh and resist dye techniques, says Sandhya Bhandari, Category Head - Home Linen, FabIndia. Craft and technique-based furnishings that are sustainable and bring in an equitable livelihood to the artisanal clusters are stories that will continue to resonate, she adds. 

“Fabric blind panels oversized tiebacks Pride Furnishings indiaartndesign”
Fabric wall panels  & oversized tassel tiebacks for curtains are trending in 2018 ©Pride Furnishings 

“minimalism ddecor indiaartndesign”
Minimalism is in ©D'décor

Add-ons vs. Minimalist appeal
Whilst throws on sofas and fabric wall panels continue to add character to a room, trimmings like oversized tassels on curtains and floor rugs will also reign, says Nupur. Parallelly, the trend for minimalist décor also continues its stronghold as people gravitate towards de-cluttered spaces, says Ina Arora, Product Development Head, D'Decor Exports Pvt. Ltd., adding that this look allows plenty of natural light to enter a room. Geometric prints with clean, simple lines reinforce this trend. 

“soft furnishings Pride Furnishings fab india indiaartndesign”
Upholstery fabric inspired by onyx ©Pride Furnishings                                       Lightweight, breathable fabrics in natural colours are in demand in 2018 ©FabIndia 

“Fabrics that mimic stone Pride Furnishings indiaartndesign”
Fabric that mimics the fluidity of marble is among the top upholstery trends for 2018 ©Pride Furnishings 

All things earth-friendly
Greys, browns and beiges used on a larger scale, particularly for dining chairs or sofas, will trend big this year, says Nupur. Sandhya confirms that one can expect to see natural colours with limited colour infusion - whites, jute, charcoal black, indigo, madder and an allied palette - at FabIndia this year. Lightweight, breathable fabrics that work beautifully with our climate - cottons, or cottons mixed with wool, linen or silk - are fabrics worth bringing into your home, she says. For those, who prefer the sleek and rather stay away from the earthy naturals, we see an upcoming boom in fabrics that mimic the stone effects of marble and onyx, amongst other natural elements, informs Nupur

“Floral soft furnishings ddecor Pride Furnishings indiaartndesign”
The floral upholstery trend is here to stay in 2018 ©Pride Furnishings                                          An exaggerated take on the popular vintage floral trend ©D'décor   
“texture and motifs Pride Furnishings indiaartndesign”
Indian motifs with a twist & quilted fabrics are all the rage this year ©Pride Furnishings 
“texture to bed linen Anna Simona indiaartndesign”
Tailored pleats add a sophisticated texture to your bed linen ©Anna Simona 

Textures & Motifs
The ever-popular floral upholstery trend will stay put this year. But, says Ina, traditional floral patterns will take on a new look with funky colours and exaggerated proportions. Add to this, quilted fabrics, embroidered sheers, satins and velvets and other plush textures that one can look out for in 2018, say both Monica and Nupur. 

So, go ahead and choose from a host of furnishing fabrics to give your personal space an instant makeover. Better yet would be to employ some of the latest upholstery and soft furnishing trends for 2018, so that you can give every room a distinct look that’s completely on-trend.

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