Tuesday, November 7, 2017

House by the sea

By Marina Correa
Photography: Indrajit Sathe; courtesy The Orange Lane
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"mirrored wall the orange lane indiaartndesign"
House by the sea (inset) Designer Shabnam Gupta

Gorgeous sea views, whitewashed walls and a nature-inspired design make this apartment in Mumbai a cocoon of calm…

Designed by Shabnam Gupta, this 1,200 sq. ft. residence sports an eclectic style so typical of the prolific designer that although the home is predominantly a modern shell, ethnic sensibilities shine through. A low bed; divan seating next to a window; a Nandi bull atop a repurposed sewing-machine table; ladder-inspired shelving; ethnic iconology engraved onto the walls of a washrooms etc., add tremendous character to spaces as they constitute elements of subtle quirk.

"living room the orange lane indiaartndesign"
"swing gate the orange lane indiaartndesign"

Envisioned for a nuclear family of four, individual preferences shine through minute details. For instance, a repurposed large pickle jar finds favour as a table lamp or a modern interpretation of a traditional painting adds a pop of electric blue colour to the otherwise subdued palette in the living room or the swinging wicket gate dividing areas. 

"dining table the orange lane indiaartndesign"
"study area the orange lane indiaartndesign"

Despite use of such seemingly disparate elements, a serene harmony encapsulates everything into a cohesive whole. Whitewashed brick walls amplify sunlight into the home, whilst deliberate adoption of an open and airy plan roots the project in context by harnessing cross-ventilation so typical of a sea-facing home.

"low bed the orange lane indiaartndesign"
"bedroom the orange lane indiaartndesign"

A sense of warmth is infused through a combination of light brown wooden flooring and granite floor tiles along with plenty of wooden furniture. A casual mix of sea shells, corals and tiny rocks used right from the entrance doorplate to the underside of a table with a glass top, allows for a relaxed, casual beach vibe to filter through. 

"kitsch style the orange lane indiaartndesign"
"ladder bookshelf the orange lane indiaartndesign"

A sense of calm is furthered via comfortable and informal lighting. Most of the lights in the living room are hidden in ceiling valances, whilst an innovative chandelier in the dining room casts its warm glow. A few hanging bulbs in the washroom and jar pendants in the’ green room’ add to the overall décor. 

"paint on furniture the orange lane indiaartndesign"

The most interesting feature before one even steps into the house, is a beautiful golden tree painting sketched onto the entrance door and ceiling – instantly putting a visitor at ease. The basket-like lamp above with yellow lighting adds on to the scenario, whilst a closed window by the side done up in pops of green with touches of blue and stacked with traditional hanging bells, ethnic-themed lanterns, a grinding stone used as an urli etc. immediately contrasts the scene - making duality such an inimitable feature of the home. 

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