Monday, September 25, 2017

The art of indulgence!

By Rutvi Ashar
Photography: Light at 45 degree by Felix Emmanuel; courtesy Architecture_Interspace
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"cream affair goutaman prathaban indiaartndesign"

Dessert on the beach! What could be better? Step into this vibrant ice-cream parlour designed by Architecture_Interspace in the White town area of Pondicherry.

An ice cream parlour has been renovated with utmost care and unparalleled flair! Sitting on a prime site i.e. the White town area in Pondicherry, Architects Madhini and Goutaman Prathaban of Architecture_Interspace give us a sinfully delightful space true to its setting.
"gallery steps cream affair goutaman prathaban indiaartndesign"
"service area cream affair goutaman prathaban indiaartndesign"

A staircase can be any things; a surprise element, the focus or just a backdrop. This compact 900 sq. ft. space seems much larger due to the cascading white galleria steps that apart from serving the obvious purpose can also be used for multiple forms of group seating. A play of levels ensures interaction between consumers and facilitates informal meetings, while adding simple spatial connects to the lower and mezzanine levels. The lower level acts as the counter/ service area, whilst the upper level is dedicated to leisurely seating.
"mezzanine seating cream affair goutaman prathaban indiaartndesign"
"colourful seats cream affair goutaman prathaban indiaartndesign"

A few key emotions of the owners and their clientele can be easily understood through design; it becomes a spot for young, vibrant crowds to enjoy a playful ambience and deserts served on funky modular furniture by warm hosts. The double height 26’ x 20’ space opens onto a proper landscaped beach that houses comfortable seating, building on the typical lifestyle of the people of Pondicherry.
"logo cream affair goutaman prathaban indiaartndesign"

An informal, industrial design complements the galleria steps, where simple steel handrails and mesh are incorporated as backdrop elements. The simplicity is carried forward in the lighting design, where existing pipes are exposed to create fixtures. One-hundred cubes rotating on a vertical axis comprise the logo and dynamically double up as a place for customer testimonials, acting as the focal art piece. 

In an intensive 12-day construction period, the design team has ensured a composite steel- concrete structure that has ample storage for the user, an environment that opens to nature and interiors that can easily fill cover pages! 

Fact File:
Name of client: Cream Affair, Dessert Studio
Design Lead: Architecture_Interspace
Design Team: Ar. Madhini Prathaban, Ar. Goutaman Prathaban
Area: 900 sq. ft. 
Location: Pondicherry

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