Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Dancing Louvres

Compiled by Savitha Hira
Photography: Vibhor Yadav; courtesy the architects
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"IMT Manesar renesa architects indiaartndesign"
Architects Sanjay & Sanchit Arora of Renesa Architecture Design Interiors, New Delhi

Renesa Architecture Design Interiors's latest industrial adaptive re-use project is an interesting take on legendary Ar. Robert Venturi’s architectural dictum… 

A simple intervention, when done with diligence and in style, goes a long way in transforming the built form and consequently, the environment. An old warehouse in IMT Manesar, in Gurugram, Haryana is the latest on the accomplishment list of Renesa Architects – who once again reinstate their penchant for simplicity and effectiveness in design. 

"facade IMT Manesar renesa architects indiaartndesign"
"facade concept IMT Manesar renesa architects indiaartndesign"

Inspired by architect Robert Venturi’s writings in ‘Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture’ that alludes to the fact that “since the inside is different from the outside, the wall/ louvres become the point of change and hence felicitates an architectural event in its own”; principals Sanjay and Sanchit Arora of Renesa Architecture Design Interiors, interestingly define architecture as “that, which occurs at the meeting of the interior and exterior forces of use and space” and elucidate that “the generation of form can be best understood at the level of the process adopted and preferred”. Taking the thought forward, they’ve developed an arresting façade made of perforated louvres – both pivoted and rotatable; the highlight being a mix of louvres and vertical slats in a composition that not only manipulates scale across the interior spaces, but creates a building skin that wraps the old structure, articulating a near-new architectural vocabulary.
"dancing louvres facade renesa architects indiaartndesign"
"louvered facade from inside renesa architects indiaartndesign"

Steel and concrete as technically expressive, delicate and light-weight implants help transform the façade and the interiors, as spaces are carved out based on the orientation of the louvres (there are two floors of office space; with the ground floor relegated to the industrial set up). A peripheral void running around the industrial office creates an environmental buffer that assists climatically as well as acts as a smoking zone for the staff members.

The louvred façade also acts as an effective sun-shading system, bringing in filtered daylight as the minute perforations and vertical slats create interesting chiaroscuro elements, ushering an aesthetic feel in the industrial humdrum.
"reception IMT Manesar renesa architects indiaartndesign"
"office interiors IMT Manesar renesa architects indiaartndesign"
"waiting area renesa architects indiaartndesign"

The interiors are contemporary sleek and upbeat in a dual-colour scheme of blue and white, where profuse use of glass contributes to the latter component. The architectural language of the industrial set up is sustained within the chic interior envelope mainly via a partially-industrial ceiling with its semi-exposed facilities. While this retains the raw character of the brand’s signature activity (aerodynamics), effectively substantiated by the works of art on display; it also helps root the core function of the firm.
"laser cut signage IMT Manesar renesa architects indiaartndesign"
"office IMT Manesar renesa architects indiaartndesign"
"graphic signage IMT Manesar renesa architects indiaartndesign"

In the words of the architects, “The façade system or the ‘dancing louvres’ are the outcome of an idea that fuels a series of formal articulations and discussions within the form, through the form and from the form.”

Fact File:
Client:  Mr. Vikas Kohli / Ascentech Aero Pvt Ltd
Design Firm: Renesa Architecture Design Interiors, New Delhi

Built-up Area: 10,300 sq. ft. 
Location: Gurugram, Haryana

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