Saturday, August 26, 2017

Straddling two styles: modern and vintage!

By Marina Correa
Photography: Sebastian Zachariah & Ira Gosalia (Photographix India)
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"3seventy restaurant neovana design indiaartndesign"

Designed by Neovana Designs uses natural elements to envelope 3Seventy Kitchen restaurant, culling out a chic ambience of modern and vintage sensibilities …

"entrance 3seventy restaurant neovana design indiaartndesign"

This multi-cuisine restaurant derives its curvature floor plate by virtue of being sited on the third floor of a high-end mall in Surat. With the restaurant needing to fulfil twin goals: capturing attention of on-the-go shoppers as well as maintaining privacy of diners to establish it as a destination dining experience, translucent glass slits are inserted into the oak veneered façade – elegantly distinguishing it from the busy food court outside by creating an intrigue factor. In terms of challenges, one of them was designing five separate individual panels and then assembling them articulately onsite to become a circular fit-out.

"play of light 3seventy restaurant neovana design indiaartndesign"
"stone backdrops 3seventy restaurant neovana design indiaartndesign"

A natural palette of handmade engraved stone (especially bought from Rajula city, Gujarat), antique grey stone, naked-bulb brass pendants, brass-finished aluminium chain chandelier and solid oak wood lend the space a time-honoured quality. Textured glass, MS jaali partitions, aqua blue leather upholstery etc. impart a modern vibe to the approx. 2,200 sq. ft. restaurant; thus, enabling principal designers, Harit and Shefali Desai to satisfy the client’s easy-to-maintain request; at the same time carving out a contemporary fine-dine with a timeless appeal.

"different seating 3seventy restaurant neovana design indiaartndesign"
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"circular seating 3seventy restaurant neovana design indiaartndesign"
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Sitting right in the middle of the restaurant and held together at both ends by wooden pillars, is a 13-ft long and 800-kgs MS jaali that becomes a cynosure of all eyes. It also acts as a subtle divider between the casual couch seating and the formal table-and-chair arrangements.

"brass jali 3seventy restaurant neovana design indiaartndesign"
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Smaller latticed partitions subtly define different areas and seating arrangements: waiting area; dining space; mocktail bar; common wash basin and service passage etc., whilst heightening the overall aesthetics.

"details 3seventy restaurant neovana design indiaartndesign"

Round tables, crescent-shaped sofas, a moon-shaped mirror and wash basin, steering wheel-shaped entrance door knob and the like lend a soft and organic form; whilst textural nuances, pronounced by the stone-clad walls and complimenting surface finishes, blend in nicely with the overall ambience of this warm and welcoming restaurant.  

Fact File:
Client: Dhavalbhai Patel
Design Firm: Neovana Design
Design Leads: Harit and Shefali Desai
Built-up Area: 2,218 sq. ft.
Location: Third floor, V R Mall, Surat

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