Thursday, August 17, 2017

6 ways to get creative with indoor plants

By Shrabana Das
Photography: Courtesy IAnD Archives
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"get creative with indoor plants indiaartndesign"

Nothing spruces up interiors like indoor plants. Be the designer of your home with six tips to go green! 

Nature creates the best landscapes. The freshness of young foliage on trees in the monsoon is unparalleled. Here’s how you can create beautiful interiors incorporating indoor plants…
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What can be better to greet a person than the fresh green of foliage? Opt for a vestibule brightly lit by daylight during the day and keep potted plants close to the window. The natural glow reflected by the plant will give that perfect look to your entrance.
"living room textured backdrop rupande shah indiaartndesign"

Bring a dull or negative corner back to life with a plant. Opt for plants with large leaves and thin stalks that give the fanning out effect. These plants will keep the moisture levels in the house in check, while giving the corner an inviting look.
"Estudio AMATAM indoor plants indiaartndesign"

Instead of textured walls or panels, go for the green wall feature. Using indoor flowering creepers, create a framework in the wall for the tendrils to grip and create a naturally changing design as it grows dense. The furniture abutting this wall can be bright hues against nude wall colour for the perfect look.
"indoor plants living room decor indiaartndesign"
"indoor plants decor indiaartndesign"

Bring the outdoors inside! Use wide verandas to create a garden-like effect by introducing a profuse collection of potted plants and light outdoor furniture. See the view change through seasons and bring some dynamism into your home.
"decorative inflorescence indiaartndesign"

Select plants with a colourful inflorescence and hang them from the ceiling for a delightful ambience. Spray them with some water daily to create the effect of dewdrops and watch as the flowers bloom more robustly.
"indoor topiaries living room decor indiaartndesign"
"indoor topiaries living room indiaartndesign"
"indoor topiaries indiaartndesign"

Hey! How do you like topiaries in the garden? Now, you can recreate them at home, albeit on a miniature scale. Don’t they look incredible?! 

Let us know how these ideas work out for you. Till then, au revoir!

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  1. Indoor plants are certainly good for health, as they help purifying the air and add freshness too.


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