Monday, July 31, 2017

Striking the right balance!

By Rutvi Ashar
Photography: Sebastian Zachariah; courtesy the architect
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An Indian-themed restaurant in Surat, designed by B.Design24 Studio, blends molecular concepts with Indian culture, placing contemporary and tradition in the same frame.

Indian tradition and culture has served as inspiration for art, architecture and lifestyles for ages. A Surat-based restaurant has modernised the essence of India by adapting age-old techniques and elements into its design. Located in Western Vesu Point, one of the city’s newly developed prime locations, this restaurant revolves around a lofty arch, which, as the designers say, is a major design element.


Working with a client, who was keen on presenting Indian cuisine with a difference, the design team focused on a built mass inspired by Indian roots. The use of upcycled furniture does complete justice to the look of the restaurant and its menu, while the use of Kota and natural stones complements other elements, thus giving the eatery the desired molecular; yet, traditional feel.

A perfectly-crafted 16ft-high arch partition segregates the seating capacity of 160 people into three parts - a fine-dine area, café-style seating, and banquet, each designed to enhance the gourmet experience. Other areas include a large waiting area, mocktail counter and two washrooms, amongst the basic required amenities of the restaurant. Bespoke lighting fixtures viz. a combination of custom-made hanging lights, broken RCC ceiling lights and CUVs highlight the essentially Indian works of art that dot the walls of the eatery.


While the designers feel the entire design concept revolves around typically Indian elements, especially the arch, the real showstopper is the metal staircase. Gracefully floating over a reflecting pool, the black metal stands out against the predominantly grey and brown palette of the restaurant. Representing an aspect of molecular design, the staircase fits into the space effortlessly; with little support from mild steel rods, it stands uninterrupted as a striking design element.

Fact File:
Name of client: Hemant Makharia
Design Team: B.Design24 Studio
Design Lead: Ar. Bheru Jangid 
Location: Surat, Gujarat, India

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